Application testing services companies leverage appOrbit to create test environments at a fraction of time for both legacy and modern applications, regardless of the underlying infrastructure.  While it takes weeks to re-create environments using current techniques, appOrbit reduces that time to minutes.

“One of the biggest issues in development and testing is getting the environment correct.” Said Karthik Pichai, CEO of Augusta Solutions. “With appOrbit, we can significantly speed up and improve the quality of both development and testing, while delivering higher quality code.”


  • Support for legacy apps, like SAP, Siebel and Oracle EBS
  • Support for modern apps with microservice architectures and DBs, like Mongo DB, and Cassandra
  • Ability to deploy on any cloud — including Google, Amazon, MS Azure, OpenStack (& all others)
  • Seamlessly plugin into Enterprise Data masking, Data enrichment software
  • Ability to deploy on any Windows or Linux physical environment


  • Create testing environments in minutes versus days or weeks
  • Reproduce any version of the application on demand and therefore reproduce any bug on demand
  • Optimize development and test pipeline with one tool. No more silos
  • Reduce wait time for environment from 20% of time to effectively 0%