Enterprises that need to speed up their Application Development Lifecycle and that need infrastructure agility and scalability are turning to the appOrbit Lab Manager on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).  With appOrbit, developers and QA engineers can instantly create and stage full application environments on GCP from a self-service catalog.  

These environments can be refreshed and rebuilt in minutes and they are available for both legacy and modern application architectures, regardless of the underlying production infrastructure.  While it takes weeks to re-create environments using current techniques, appOrbit reduces that time to minutes.


  • Support for custom and packaged apps, like SAP, Siebel, and custom Java/ .NET
  • Support for modern apps and microservice architectures
  • Support for a broad set of databases, including SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, and Cassandra
  • Seamlessly plugin into Enterprise Data masking and data enrichment software
  • Integrated version control and data and application catalogs
  • Ability to deploy instantly on Google Cloud Platform


  • Create and stage dev and QA environments in minutes versus days or weeks, improving developer productivity by up to 20%
  • Reproduce any version of the application on demand and therefore reproduce any bug on demand
  • Optimize development and test pipeline with one tool. No more silos