Today’s security professionals lack the tools and infrastructure agility to effectively test applications on hybrid infrastructure, leaving the business at risk and often out of compliance. Application environments for running security tests are often incomplete and lack the right network and application configurations, which leads to ineffective and slow security testing. Our joint offering accelerates the speed and quality of security testing, even for complex and hybrid environments. 

“Our partnership with appOrbit combines two powerful capabilities that provide customers with a new approach to quickly identify security threats and immediately remediating them as they arise.”

-Harpreet Walia, CEO of WaveStrong.


  • Continuous scanning tools from IBM/ Wavestrong – IBM QRadar, Guardium, AppScan and BigFix
  • Support for custom and packaged apps, like SAP, Siebel, custom Java/ .NET
  • Support for modern apps and microservice architectures
  • Support for a broad set of databases, including SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, and Cassandra
  • Ability to deploy on any cloud — including Google, Amazon, MS Azure, OpenStack (& all others)


  • Reduce risk through continuous application testing
  • Certify compliance with security regulations like HIPPA, PCI, FISMA etc
  • Optimize development and test pipeline with one tool. No more silos
  • Create environments in minutes versus days or weeks, improving testing productivity


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