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8fit App Review: How to Train and Eat the Right Way

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This is my 8fit  app review

Whether you’re working from the office or at home or completing your college degree, it can be tough to find the time and motivation to exercise. We’re sometimes so caught up in the daily grind that we also don’t eat correctly. It’s helpful to have an app that can encourage and assist you in your path.

I decided to try the 8fit app’s free version while taking a peek at what lies beneath the Pro plan. I found it helpful, to begin with, but all of the functionality is only available when upgrading. If you really want to go all out with meal and workout plans, I suggest you consider paying for an annual subscription instead.

In my 8fit app review, I’ll show you which features stood out for me and why. There’s also a pros and cons list so you can choose wisely before applying for the Pro upgrade. Finally, I’ll show you some alternatives worth looking into.

It’s time to get into my 8fit review to see what’s in store for you with this fitness and meal app!

Android version: download here
Pricing: Free basic plan, Pro from $6.67 per month paid annually

iOS version: download here
Pricing: Free basic plan, Pro from $6.67 per month paid annually

Product Overview

The 8fit Workouts & Meal Planner app, as it’s officially called, doesn’t merely focus on your exercise routine. While it’s undoubtedly one of the main aspects, it also considers your diet and lifestyle. There’s no use training hard if you’re going to eat the incorrect food that doesn’t help meet your goals.

As soon as you enter your physical stats and goals, you’ll receive programs for the types of training you can do. You can also chat with one of the coaches or team members based in the Berlin headquarters. There are also several meal plans available on the mobile app to see which one will work best for you, which also takes your dietary needs into consideration.

For my 8fit Pro review, I found the paid version has many features to assist you throughout the year. The app and team behind it are keen to keep you motivated, with reminders for when you need to train and maintain your focus. 

Still, it’s up to you in the end. There’s no use paying for the Pro version if you’re going to abandon it halfway through the year. If you’re going to upgrade, I suggest you try the monthly plans until you’re ready to commit to an annual one, which is more affordable.

8fit Workouts & Meal Planner App Features Review

If you need more information on whether the mobile platform will work for you, I break down some of the top features in this section of my 8fit app review. Some of these may be more helpful to you than others, depending on how you apply the training program.

Setting Your Goals

8 fit app reviews

When signing up for a free account on the 8fit app, whether free or paid, it asks you what your goals are. It’s essential that you select one of the three options presented to you, as it sets the tone for your training and meals going forward. You can choose to lose weight, become fitter and healthier, or gain muscle.

As you progress through the workouts and diets, the platform will keep track of your milestones and goals. You’ll see updates on where you are and want to be while also providing some information on how to get back on track if you fall behind. I found this one of the most valuable tools in my 8fit Pro review.

Plenty of Workouts

The training app isn’t shy when it comes to workouts. There are more than 200 available, depending on what your goal is. The beauty is that you don’t need any equipment to get started, which makes it easy to exercise in any location.

There’s also a section that deals with high-intensity interval training to really get your blood pumping and muscles working. Every workout is designed to last between five and twenty minutes, so you can fit it in any time of the day. The levels also increase based on how well you’re progressing on your personalized plan. 

Curated Meal Plans and Recipes

The 8fit app doesn’t merely cater to your workout needs. You’re going to need the protein and energy to carry out the exercise routines correctly, while you’ll also need your muscles to recover. There’s a massive focus on the meal plans, with over 800 recipes from which you can choose.

The meals also consider your dietary needs, including vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, paleo, and so much more. When you head to the shops to buy your food for the week or month, you can take the 8fit with you as a grocery list of what you’ll need. It even highlights which food types to avoid.

Guidance From the Team

ne last feature I want to mention for my 8fit app review is the step-by-step guidance from the app and the team. You’ll find details on each workout routine and how to do it correctly. There are images and videos, ensuring you maximize the session’s potential.

If you need more information or want to adjust any workouts due to physical restraints or injuries, you can chat to one of the support agents. They’ll guide you with a few changes you can make to the routine. You can also ask them questions about the meal plans.

Pros and Cons

Now that you’ve read my detailed 8fit app review, here’s a quick list of the pros and cons:

Sufficient workouts to keep you training for several yearsFree version has incredibly basic features
Meal plans that link to your workouts and dietary needsMeal plans and best workouts only available in the Pro version
Caters to your goalsThe Pro’s 14-day free trial instantly ends with an annual membership payment
In-app and agent guidance
Train anywhere, as no equipment is needed


While my 8fit review may sound positive, some other apps perform similar functions. Here are a few I found helpful for my training needs.

Muscle Booster App

Here’s another app for training that lets you set goals to work towards. The Muscle Booster app only has two focus points: muscle gain and losing weight. It uses a flashcard system to show you which muscles you’re targeting and how to perform the exercise.

When compared to the 8fit app, Muscle Booster doesn’t have detailed meal plans or a free trial. Still, several training videos set the tone and get you in the mood. If you’re eager for a bodybuilding application to develop more muscle, perhaps this mobile platform will better serve your needs. You can download it on Android and iOS.

Sworkit Fitness

Eager to reach a wider audience, Sworkit Fitness has several goals on its list. Besides building muscle and losing weight, you can also increase your endurance and flexibility. You can test it out with a free trial, after which you’ll automatically pay for the annual subscription.

There’s a massive focus on working out at home, so you don’t need any equipment. If you do own any, some workouts include them. What I love about this app is that you can adjust sets and session times to suit your needs. Sworkit Fitness is also available on both Android and iPhone.

7 Minutes Workout

Simple Design Ltd developed the 7 Minutes Workout app for Android, which won the Google Play award for one of the best apps in 2016. It’s ideal if you have a busy lifestyle and need to fit in a small amount of time for exercise. Many of the workouts are challenging and intense, but they’ll help keep you fit and healthy.

You can focus on specific muscle groups during the week, and there’s a timer that runs on your phone to remind you when the session is over. You’ll also find a handy calendar to check your program. If you have an iOS phone, you can try the 7 Minutes Workout app by Fast Builder Ltd instead.

Final Verdict of 8fit App Review

There aren’t many downfalls mentioned in my 8fit app review, and any of those I’ve listed pertain only to the limited features in the free version. It’s excellent if you want a program that considers your workouts and meal plans together while also keeping in mind your dietary limitations. 

If you don’t mind paying for success, the features and guidance are worth the subscription. You can check out the monthly plan if you’re worried it won’t suit your lifestyle, giving you the chance to cancel. In the end, it’s how much you put into your training that makes it matter.

You can download the 8fit Workouts and Meal Planner app on Android and iPhone.

App Orbit is a website that reviews various mobile apps. We DO NOT own or operate any of the mobile apps ourselves. Any issues or support requests should be sent directly to the app developers.

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