AppOrbit – NetworkWorld 10 hot hybrid-cloud startups to watch!



With few enterprises using purely private or purely public cloud infrastructure, a range of startups has emerged to meet unique hybrid-cloud needs for management, storage and virtualization. Here are 10 hot hybrid cloud startups to keep an eye on.

As the cloud matures, many businesses are finding that not every application belongs in public clouds. Due to regulatory issues, security risks, data ownership concerns, and fears of cloud lock-in, many applications are stubbornly rooted in on-premises architectures.

The startups in this roundup understand that, and rather than trying to sweet talk enterprises into forklift upgrades, these startups are willing to work under hybrid-cloud constraints.

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CEO: Rahul Ravulur, who previously led the product management team for availability products at VMware

Problem they solve: Moving complex business-critical applications to the cloud is a challenging, labor-intensive process. AppOrbit argues that for most companies a full transition to the cloud is too expensive and time-consuming to justify the benefits. Migration, security, networking and data ownership issues, to name only a few headaches, undermine the perceived advantages of the shift.

How they solve it: AppOrbit eases the transition to the cloud by pushing virtualization up the OSI stack from the infrastructure layer to the application layer. “Just as VMware freed the OS from the underlying bare metal, AppOrbit frees applications from the underlying OS and bare- metal infrastructure,” said AppOrbit’s VP of Marketing & Strategy, David Morris.

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