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Best Breastfeeding Apps For New Mums: Your 2024 Guide

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Breastfeeding is a beautiful time for mom and baby: a special, quiet, bonding time that no one else shares. Unfortunately, not everyone experiences peace and tranquility during this time, and breastfeeding can be fraught with latching issues, a hungry baby, and no routine. Add to those the problems associated with going back to work, pumping, and storing, and breastfeeding can get very confusing.

Enter the world of technology! 

With advances in technology mothers around the world over now have access to the best baby feeding apps to help them through this rewarding but often complicated time.

We take a look at the top breastfeeding tracker apps of the year to bring you a comprehensive list based on performance, content, and user ratings that will help you choose the best breastfeeding tracker app for you.  

10 best Breastfeeding apps reviewed

1. Baby Connect


Not just a nursing tracker, this app allows you to track all kinds of data relating to your baby. From diaper changes and medical care to play activities and sleep, this app will keep you abreast of everything related to your child.

With reports for breastfeeding, bottles, and pumping, this app will have you on the top of your baby-feeding game.

Android users have rated this app at 4.7 stars, and iOS users have it pegged at 4.8 stars, making it a great choice.

2. Baby Feeding Log

This app was designed with absolute simplicity in mind. The nursing tracker function allows you to time your feeds, pause with a simple tap of the button, and manually enter any data if you forgot to log it.

You have easy access to your last feed time, duration, and which side you fed. There is also a diaper change and sleep logging function included.

With a 4.8 star rating on iStore, Baby Feeding Log is a fantastic option for iOS users.

3. Breastfeeding – Baby Tracker


Designed for moms by moms, this breastfeeding tracker app allows you to monitor all of your breast and supplementary feeds. You can record how long your feeds were, which side you fed with, what time you fed, and receive an analysis of your feeding schedule.

With an Android rating of 4.6 stars, this app is well worth considering for your feeding baby app.

4. Glow


Available for iOS and Android, this app is mainly known for its usefulness in prenatal and pregnancy care. Most people don’t know that it also offers some very useful postnatal tools, including feeding support. The app provides helpful hints and reminders for pumping and breastfeeding, as well as support for stressed-out moms who need a bit of help through the postpartum period.

Rated 4.4 stars on Android and 4.7 stars on iStore, you should definitely check out this contender.

5. MyMedela

Not just relegated to supplying breast pumps and accessories, Medela offers an app, MyMedela, which has a host of helpful nursing tracker functions.

Measure your pumping and feeding progress, connect to your pump to monitor how much milk you are pumping, and even track your baby’s growth progress.

With the extra functionality, it’s no wonder iPhone users rate this app 4.5 stars, although Android users are less impressed at 3.5 stars.

6. Ovia

Ovia isn’t just one of the best baby feeding tracker apps; it’s also a complete application to track and monitor the first few years of your baby’s life. With this app, you can track not only your breast and bottle feeding but also diaper changes and sleep routine.

Ovia allows you to share this information with your partner or any other caregivers so that everyone involved in your baby’s life has access to all of this data, too. There is also a great database of expert information available to help you along in your parenting journey.

With a rating of 4.5 and 4.6 stars from Android and iPhone users, respectively, this app is a definite winner.

7. Baby Daybook

Taking care of and monitoring your baby’s daily needs has never been easier than with the Baby Daybook app. Breastfeeding tracking is made simple with the ability to just tap the screen to start, stop, and change sides during nursing.

You can track all of your baby’s needs side by side and view them with a tap of the screen. The Baby Daybook breastfeeding tracker app offers so much functionality and sharing ability that you’ll be on top of your baby’s progress from day one

iPhone and Android users agree that this app is the perfect option, rating it 4.7 and 4.8 stars.

8. Feed Baby

Having a newborn can be exhausting, and remembering when your baby last ate and how much can be difficult when dealing with porridge brain.

With the Feed Baby baby feeding app, you’ll never again forget a nursing or pumping session and can keep track of diaper changes and sleep habits too. The detailed charts and reports will give you a fantastic visual representation of how your baby is progressing.

The iPhone app has a 4.6-star rating, while the Android app is slightly lower at 4.5 stars.

9. Baby Breastfeeding Tracker

Available for iOS, this breastfeeding tracker app lets you monitor all of the imperative information to ensure that your breastfeeding routine is on track. From how much your baby has eaten, how often and how long, to where and when you nursed, it can all be recorded. You can also keep a breastfeeding journal with videos, photos, and audio recordings.

This app is rated at 4.3 stars by users.

10. Huckleberry

Known better for its customized baby sleeping plans, the Huckleberry app also has a comprehensive baby feeding tracker. The Huckleberry app is a perfect tool for those of you who want to synchronize and organize your baby’s sleep and nursing sessions. With guidance from parenting experts, you can use this app to track and learn your baby’s unique and natural habits.

Parents globally agree that this is one of the best baby feeding tracker apps, rating it a whopping 4.9/5 stars on iOS and 4.7/5 on Android.

In Conclusion

Whether you have children already or this is your first, having a newborn is challenging for any parent.Finding the right tools to help make things simpler and more manageable is essential so that you can navigate the tough stuff and get down to the job of enjoying and getting to know your little one. Whether you are only breastfeeding, pumping, or supplement feeding, using one of our picks for best baby feeding apps can go a long way to making that happen.

App Orbit is a website that reviews various mobile apps. We DO NOT own or operate any of the mobile apps ourselves. Any issues or support requests should be sent directly to the app developers.

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