6 Best Caller ID Apps for Android

I tested six caller ID apps and found Truecaller as the best caller ID app for Android.

As someone with quite a few different accounts to pay, including various loans, I receive more than my fair share of sales calls. These calls can be highly annoying and can ruin your mood for the whole day. Finding the best caller ID app for Android was critical for knowing which calls I can ignore and which require my attention.

During my search, I tested the popular app Truecaller, and I have to agree with the many reviewers before me that it’s the best caller ID and blocker app for Android and iOS. Not only does it reliably show who’s calling, but you can also block it. It also has a free version that is still remarkably effective.

So, if you’re tired of answering all the calls coming to your phone only to find a sales robot on the other side, don’t fear! Any of our caller ID apps can identify who the caller is and show you if they are spam. 

Let’s take a quick look at what we’ll be covering in this article:

Mini-Reviews of the Best Caller ID App for Android

In my testing, there were a few things that I had to consider to identify the best caller ID app for Android. I’ve highlighted what these apps are especially good for to ensure you receive a quality service.

Truecaller – Best Overall

Truecaller is a very well-designed app that is easy to use. The app also has a very high identification accuracy, which is essential in a caller ID app. With Truecaller, you can easily track numbers or messages, identify who is calling, and even block specific numbers to keep them from contacting you again.

Call and text blockingFree version has ads
Dialer replacementSms or call authentication is necessary.
Easy to configureSome users report receiving a lot of emails from Truecaller.
High caller identification accuracy.

You can download the Truecaller app for Android here

Hiya – Best Caller ID App For Beginners

Hiya offers many of the same features as Truecaller. However, it’s much more straightforward, making it the best caller ID app for beginners. This app is not overly complex and simply does what it’s meant to do, which is identify who’s calling. Despite its simple nature and design, it is still a practical app to use.

Basic version is freeNeed to upgrade to paid version to access all the features.
Good, simple design Saves a copy of your contacts
Useful lookup feature

You can download the Hiya app for Android here.

best caller id app  for android

CallApp – Best Caller ID And Blocker App for Android

CallApp is one of the oldest caller ID apps but is quickly establishing itself as one of the best caller ID apps for Android. The app features a clean and simple design that’s easy to use. Furthermore, the caller identification is very reliable, and the blocking abilities get rid of spam messaging and harassing calls. There are also many other valuable features, such as automatic call recording and even call analytics.

Free, with in-app purchases available.Call recorder sometimes doesn’t work.
Automatic call recording feature.Pop-up ads can be annoying.
Offers call analytics.

You can download the CallApp for Android here.

CIA – Best Free Caller ID App for Android

Despite being a good caller ID, the CIA caller ID app also offers something that no other caller ID app offers. This app lets you search the unknown numbers and get the user details and the user’s physical address. Other apps might be able to give you a generalized area but not an actual address. The app keeps adding useful features and aims to make it as easy to use as possible.

Free, with in-app purchases.Sometimes unable to identify numbers.
Easy to use.Ads can be annoying
Provides a lot of information

You can download the CIA caller ID app for Android here.

Caller Name Announcer Talking Caller ID – Best Talking Caller ID App for Android 

This app is ideal for reading out the caller ID of the person who’s calling. It’s an excellent feature if you’re driving or in a position where you can’t look at your phone to see who’s calling. This can save you valuable seconds to see if the call is essential to answer.

Free to use.Phone needs text-to-voice abilities to work.
You can set the pitch and reading speed.
Can also announce text messages.

You can download the Caller Name Announcer – Talking Caller ID app for Android here.

Eyecon – Best Caller ID App That Records Calls

This is another of the best caller ID apps on Android, but what sets it apart from other applications of this type is the call recording function. Eyecon is not the only platform to offer this feature. However, the quality and reliability of the call recording are why this is our top pick. 

Can add caller imagesComplete protection is a premium feature and has to be paid for
Screens calls and SMS’sLots of permissions are required.
Good call recording
Can customize your profile

You can download the Eyecon app for Android here.

Buying Guide When Looking at the Best Caller ID Apps for Android

If you are looking for the best caller ID app for Android, a few things can help guide your decision. First off, make sure what the app includes and that it has all the features you need. 

Secondly, make sure whether you’ll need to pay extra for those features, as some of them may be considered premium. Finally, take a look at the reviews to see how others experienced the app.

best caller id app  for android


Knowing who’s calling you can be a valuable time-saver. By knowing who is on the line, you can determine whether or not it is essential for you to answer. So, what is the best caller ID app for Android

My favorite caller ID app is Truecaller. It’s easy to use and has a high call identification accuracy. The ads in the free version are not too intrusive. And if they do bother you, you can upgrade to the premium version, which is free of ads.
Do you want to try Truecaller for yourself? Download the app here.

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