Cash App vs. Robinhood

Cash App vs. Robinhood: Our In-depth Comparison

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This is my comparison of Cash App vs. Robinhood.

A few years ago, investing in crypto and fiat currencies resulted in heavy fees and large deposits. With free mobile applications trending these days, those costs have come down, and every competitor in the market is fighting for the best margins. 

In this article, I’ll perform a Cash App / Robinhood comparison to see which one provides the top services and features. You can obtain both of these programs on Android and iOS devices.

Cash App

Android version: download here
Pricing: Free

iOS version: download here
Pricing: Free


Android version: download here
Pricing: Free

iOS version: download here
Pricing: Free

At a Glance

cash app vs robinhood

When comparing Cash App to Robinhood, I feel that the latter comes out on top. It provides more investment services while it also has much more currencies than simply Bitcoin. You’ll also have more stock research tools at your disposal.

Of course, each application has a specific set of skills that makes it better for a given situation. For instance, the Cash App is easier to use, and you can withdraw your funds to any crypto wallet. 

While Robinhood has a Premium subscription, you only need to worry about that if you want to deposit and work with more funds than the free version allows. I also like that it provides Margin Accounts. 

So which one is better: Cash App or Robinhood? Read my detailed comparison guide below to find out!

Comparison: Cash App vs. Robinhood

To perform my Robinhood vs. Cash App comparison, I look at a few features so that I’m evaluating apples with apples. Each of these sections will show who comes out on top, leading to the overall winner. 


cash app vs robinhood

When deciding whether Robinhood or Cash App is better, I first looked at how many features they offer. The more services there are, the better the user experience.

Robinhood has a healthy list of features, such as banking, fractional shares, ETFs, and a strong list of stocks. It also offers a long range of cryptocurrencies. It helps that the developers are constantly working on adding new services.

While Cash App has the same features as those listed above, there are some it’s lacking that Robinhood provides. For one, it doesn’t have any Margin Accounts. Secondly, it only deals with Bitcoin, which delivers a severe blow to its flexibility. It also lacks a system for automatic deposits.

Winner for services: Robinhood

Ease of Use

cash app vs robinhood

If you’re a beginner in cryptocurrency investments and markets, you don’t want to strain yourself wondering how to trade and sell your stock. So, when testing Cash App vs. Robinhood, it was essential that I assessed which one is easier to use.

Robinhood isn’t overcomplicated, but you may need some time to become familiar with where all the features are and how the markets work. It’s not the most challenging app to work out, but it certainly doesn’t feature as one of the easiest either.

Since Cash App has fewer services and only deals with Bitcoin, it stands to reason there will be less functionality to it. The tools are easy to use, and even teenagers will be able to figure out how it works. It also counts in its favor that you can quickly withdraw funds, which Robinhood struggles to provide.

Winner for ease of use: Cash App

Sign-Up Bonuses

Free money is a great way to get started when it comes to investments and trading. Whether it’s referral programs, welcome bonuses, or other incentives, I decided to see which had the better offering in the Cash App vs. Robinhood battle.

When you sign up with Robinhood or refer a friend, you’ll receive a free share of random stock. Depending on which stock you receive, you could end up with anything from $2 and $250 in value. 

It also runs occasional promotions for shares for inviting a specific number of new members in a given period. The only downfall is that it limits the amount of the total annual free shares to $500.

Cash App has fewer promotions of less value. You’ll get $5 if your buddy signs up, which could go up to $15 if someone does so from a direct link on their phone. While there’s no limit and it’s a set amount, you’ll need to work harder to receive a decent bonus.

Winner of sign-up bonuses: Robinhood

Stock Research Tools

cash app vs robinhood

Before you start investing in some stock, you should perform some research into how companies or crypto markets are performing. It’s an essential tool for beginners, so I evaluated it for my Cash App vs. Robinhood review.

Robinhood may not have the most sophisticated tools, but it does enough to show you what’s happening in the markets. There are candlestick charts, which are always lovely to behold, and you can compare the averages. 

On the other hand, Cash App is slightly more basic, and it only shows you how Bitcoin is doing. While there’s a handy investment tutorial, it doesn’t have much to show for research tools. 

Winner of stock research tools: Robinhood

Store Rating

cash app vs robinhood

While my opinion on the Cash App vs. Robinhood debate is worth considering (at least in my humble opinion), I decide to also see what others are saying. It’s helpful to see if the features are actually assisting people with their investments.

Cash App has an average review rating of 4.5 at the time of my article, while Robinhood comes in at a slightly lower 3.8. Having a look at the comments, it seems people find the former easier to use. Most find RH’s customer services are not up to standard.

Winner of store rating: Cash App

Cash App vs. Robinhood: The Winner

As you can see from each evaluation in my Cash App vs. Robinhood comparison, Robinhood has more in its favor. It has an impressive list of features, while you’ll also find some helpful research tools. 

That doesn’t mean Cash App is all bad. If you only want to trade in Bitcoin, want an application that’s easy to use, and need to withdraw your funds quickly, this is the investment platform for you.

Here are the links to download your preferred app:

Robinhood: Android / iOS

Cash App: Android / iOS

App Orbit is a website that reviews various mobile apps. We DO NOT own or operate any of the mobile apps ourselves. Any issues or support requests should be sent directly to the app developers.

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