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My COIN App Review: Is it Worth Your Time?

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The COIN app is a geomining service that allows users to mine virtual coins while they’re out and about. At its core, the COIN app is a reliable and straightforward way for users to geomine while also benefiting from plenty of other features, such as coins and bonuses.

For those wondering what is COIN app? This review will help you answer that.

Android version: download here

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What Is Geomining?

Geomining involves mining digital currencies by checking into specific locations through the user’s mobile device. For example, you may gain more coins at a restaurant than you would at a bank. Many different applications allow you to use your location data in this way. However, the COIN app offers more coins for each check-in than similar services.

It’s important to remember that mining digital currency takes up time and energy from your phone battery, which means your device might have a shorter lifespan or need to be charged more frequently.

COIN App Features

coin app review

This geomining app allows users to generate and collect coins by walking, running, or biking. It also lets users earn coins for completing challenges or purchasing items from the store. These coins can then be used to buy other features within the app.

In addition to these geomining features, the COIN app also offers a wealth of other features.

Does the COIN App Give You Money?

The COIN isn’t the same as Bitcoin or Ethereum. It’s a custom cryptocurrency that the app creators made up just for their app.

Many people wonder, is COIN app legit? You can be rest assured this app lives up to its reputation.

How Does COIN App Work?

If you’re wondering how to use the coin app, this section is for you. This mobile app helps users earn digital assets for validating geospatial location data. You can opt for the coin app download on your mobile. With the app, users can explore new places, discover hidden gems, and get rewarded for sharing their location data with advertisers. Advertisers use the COIN platform to target ads and measure results to access verified location data.

The COIN app requires minimal effort from members as they need to keep the app open on their mobile devices to validate their location and earn digital assets automatically. The more time you spend in a specific area, the more digital assets you earn for validating your location in that area.

The COIN app was designed with the idea that anyone can earn coins by checking in with their smartphone. This enables a distributed workforce to perform micro-tasks, such as collecting data about the real world. The app allows anyone to participate in this new economy and earn digital assets worldwide.

COIN leverages blockchain technology for decentralized task assignment and data validation at its core. The app enables you to view the tasks available at your current location, complete the tasks on your phone, and get rewarded instantly with digital assets.

What’s Geospatial Location Data?

Geospatial location data, the data that makes up maps, is all around us, and it’s growing at an incredible rate. It helps determine our daily lives and informs business decisions worth billions of dollars.

However, it’s also highly inaccurate, which can have serious consequences! For example, Google Maps’ routing algorithm relies on this data to determine the fastest routes across cities. If the underlying data is faulty, you might end up in a traffic jam instead of at your destination on time.

How Much Can You Make With the COIN App?

Geomining with apps like the COIN app is an increasingly popular way to earn money, but how much can you realistically expect? Here are a few factors to consider.

One of the most important things to remember about geomining is that your phone has a limited amount of power, and it needs to use a lot of this power to run all the apps and games you love and the operating system itself.

This means that it won’t be able to mine all the time. It also means that your earnings will likely be minimal – probably only pennies each day. While these pennies might add up over time, geomining with an app like the COIN app won’t lead to financial independence any time soon.

Another significant factor in how much you can earn geomining with an app like the COIN app is what kind of phone you have. A newer phone will probably be able to mine more effectively than an older one; it’s just the way technology works! If you’re using an older phone (an iPhone 6 or earlier, for example), you’ll probably see significantly lower earnings than someone using a newer phone (like an iPhone X).

What’s Geodrop?

Geodrop allows you to leave a digital message for your followers at a specific location so they can collect it. Geodrops are notifications that contain your photo and message, and they can only be collected by your followers who happen to be close enough to the location you drop your geodrop.

To create a geodrop, open the COIN app and select “Create A Drop.” Then choose geodrop from the drop-down menu. You’ll be asked to enter a title, write text for your message, add a photo, and then set the location for your geodrop. You can choose a specific address or use your current location. You won’t see any other messages on this screen because it’s just for creating geodrops.

What’s the Auto Explore Feature?

The Auto Explore feature in the COIN app is a great way to automatically engage in new spaces, meet new people, and make new friends.

This feature allows you to go to places based on your interests and start chatting with people of similar interests as yourself. This can be a great way to engage in conversations that you might not have otherwise been exposed to.

Auto Explore is also a great way to discover new topics of interest and learn more about them. The chat rooms are topic-specific, and it allows you to meet knowledgeable people who are experts in those topics.


This COIN app review was put together to help you understand more about the app. The app lives up to its hype and delivers a powerful app packed with features.

The free version of the app is more than enough for most people, but the fee for the premium account is well worth it for the security of your data and backups if anything happens to your device.

App Orbit is a website that reviews various mobile apps. We DO NOT own or operate any of the mobile apps ourselves. Any issues or support requests should be sent directly to the app developers.

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