Dealfor App Review

Dealfor App Review: Is It Worth Trying?

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Dealfor app is legit and gives you coupons. It was founded in 2020 by Xiamen Marketing Sifang Information Technology Co. Ltd, a technology company commonly known as Sifang, located in Xiamen, China. The app gives you coupons, discounts, freebies for Amazon users. Sifang, the owner of Dealfor, claims that their deal offers range from 50% to 99% off, even during holiday sales.

User Experience

Dealfor is reasonably easy to use. The interface uses a clean look by using two colors only, on both their website and in their app. The colors are white and orange, making the interface pop yet pleasing to the eye. The app offers various coupons and freebies for a wide variety of goods, from clothing, accessories, beauty to personal care and electronics.

Once a new customer registers via either email, Facebook, or Amazon account, they’ll earn points. These points can be used to redeem coupons that can be used on appointed items. Customers can check into the app daily, invite Facebook friends, and even just browse through the app to acquire more points. You can earn a maximum of 100 points a day, just from checking in and browsing.

So far, customers that have tried the Dealfor app gave away polarising reviews.

One user claimed that the app provides games, which is a fun way to gain more points. Another claimed that they didn’t need to add their credit card, which they thought was great. Another user said that, although the app was overwhelming at first, they got used to it over time. The majority of the feedback, however, was surrounding the fact that they had saved so much money by using coupons from the app.

Despite this, there are a few drawbacks.

Some users experienced various problems during registration. For example, one user stated that when registering, the app notified them that the email that they used to register at Dealfor was invalid, even though it wasn’t. They also mentioned that the code that was used to verify their account on Dealfor was not sent, even though it had been two days since the user registered their account.

Another problem also lies in the password input during registration.One user claimed that they tried five different passwords when they registered, and none were accepted. Another user said that they tried signing up for ten minutes, and their intended password was ten digits long when the required password was between 6 to 20 numbers/alphabets.

After the successful registration, consumers were occasionally greeted by pop-ups giving tips. Many customers called this an eyesore and said that there’s no option to disable the pop-ups.

The points management is also quite a bust. Many claimed that the points they already collected vanished suddenly, despite their efforts to exchange points for coupons. Some said that they had enough points and requested an item, but the app just canceled it and gave them an “Internal System Error” message.


There is a Dealfor app for Android and one for iOS. However, it was not made available in regions without Amazon marketplaces such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and South Korea. Thus to access the app to buy Amazon items, customers must use a VPN to access their coupons. 

Android version: download here

iOS version: download here

Despite the app’s lack of availability, Dealfor’s website is accessible worldwide on desktop and mobile web browsers, with Facebook and Amazon login plug-ins for customer registrations and sign-ins.


Dealfor doesn’t have any information regarding its security due to being an Amazon-based platform despite not belong to one. Still, it does say in its privacy policy that they collect personal data for efficient operation and to personalise the experience for customers. Dealfor does not use customers’ emails or correspondence via chat, video calls, voicemails,documents, photos, or other personal files provided for advertising purposes.

The data is collected either directly, such as when a Dealfor account is created or when customer support is needed. It was also done by recording how customers interact with the products offered using cookies, and receiving error reports or usage data from the customer’s mobile device of choice (either Android or iOS). They also get data from third parties if the customer signed in or registered via Amazon and Facebook.

Customer Support

Reports from users state that customer support is reasonably responsive. However, Dealfor currently provides an email address, but no contact number and 24/7 live chat on its website.

Availability aside, there are concerns regarding the customer support’s treatment to those who complained.

A Dealfor app user on iOS complained that the customer support was insensitive. They said that Dealfor never responded to their complaint in complete sentences and rudely told her to make a new PayPal account.

Another claimed that they once sent Dealfor a message due to a mishap. But to date, they’ve never received a response from customer support.


Dealfor is a legit app to try for those who want to get quality goods from Amazon at a low price. There may sometimes even be a chance to get items for free, courtesy of coupons offered via the Dealfor app.

Instead of cash, it uses points, which is very interesting for those who want to get a good deal without melting their credit card.Because of this, it could be said that Dealfor is the best app for store coupons

However, Dealfor needs to prove that they’re taking action to fix its problems on the registration front, as well as its consistency in customer experience and points management. Dealfor needs an overhaul in customer support, and for the customer’s sake, they should probably consider adding a button to give you the option to disable the pop-up tips.

Being one of the apps that give you coupons, Dealfor is worth a try if you want to save more on Amazon.

App Orbit is a website that reviews various mobile apps. We DO NOT own or operate any of the mobile apps ourselves. Any issues or support requests should be sent directly to the app developers.

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