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Fabulous App Review: Here’s How It Works (Or Doesn’t)

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Have you ever had trouble because of the bad habits you’ve built as a routine? People say that for you to be successful in life, you have to build healthy habits. That includes your morning routine and changing your mindset into a more positive one.

The Fabulous App is the answer to this problem. Here’s what you need to know about this smart assistant. 

Android version: download here
Price: $39.99 per year

iOS version: download here
Price: $39.99 per year

What is Fabulous App?

The Fabulous app is a self-care app for your daily routine. You can get the app on both Apple Store and Google Play Store. It was even crowned as one of the best self-care apps in the Apple Store and the Finalist in the Google Play Awards. 

Building routines is hard to do, and the app is here to help you. It’ll break your habits down into smaller steps and “journeys”. This “journey” will start with a healthy morning routine to kick-start your day. 

Sometimes, when you’re setting goals for yourself, you become overwhelmed. We all want to achieve big things, and it’s not a weird mentality to have. Fabulous app, however, will be much kinder to you. It’ll start as small as asking you to drink water when you wake up. 

Fabulous app invites you to slowly build good habits over time or “habit stacking”, a common technique to create long-term routines. If any of the app’s routines don’t suit you, you’re allowed to customize your routines and set the specific habit you want to build!

How to Use Fabulous App

The app is meant for you to rest your mind. It has an easy navigation interface with a soothing blue and purple layout. As you’re using the app, it’ll serenade you with soft ambient sound too. 


Fabulous app focuses on catering to you and only you. So, when you start, it’ll ask you several questions about your future goal and the changes you want to bring into your life. The app will also ask about the routine that you currently have. For example, how long you usually sleep and how energized you are throughout the day. 

Fabulous app will create a “journey” based on the answers you give, and you’ll have to sign a contract. In that contract, you’ll have to promise that you will make the most of tomorrow and remember that you won’t live forever. You also need to be willing to turn every fear and irritation into fuel to build the best life one step at a time. 

Your Journey

After your account is set, you’ll start with one small task. It’ll also play videos of the importance of a morning routine by many great people like Nelson Mandela and Michelle Obama

You’ll have to tackle one habit at a time. After three days, you’ll unlock a new task to do. From drinking water to a healthy breakfast to good morning exercise. 

This is the very first step of the journey. Once you’ve finished the basic routines, the app will ask you to set a focused goal like getting more energy for the day, sleeping better, losing weight, or gaining more concentration. 

Get Challenged!

There’s a “launch” icon on the app that will reveal short-time challenges for specific goals. For example, if you’re a smoker that wants to stop, there’s a five-day no-smoking challenge.

If you’re looking to lose some weight, there’s a seven-day intermittent fasting challenge. You’ll also gain access to weekly live challenges that you can work on with the other Fabulous app users. 

fabulous app review

The focus of the Fabulous self care app is for you to build small habits over time, so you can only participate in one journey or challenge at once. If you want to begin a new one, you need to pause the one you’re already doing.  

Fabulous App Pricing

Is Fabulous app free? Yes, it’s free to download for both Android and Apple users. You’ll get the “journeys” for free. 

However, there’s a limit to it. Fabulous premium features unlimited challenges, daily coaching sessions, and more options for challenges and journeys. 

How much is Fabulous app if you want this premium feature? The premium version of the Fabulous app cost $39.99 per year. 

What People Like About the App

Simple Goals

You can’t build any kind of habit overnight. The app understands this concept and is patient enough to give you time to do things. The tasks you need to do aren’t taxing at all. They’re, in fact, very easy to do. There’s no excuse for you to skip them!

Personalized Goals

Not every method suits everyone. The Fabulous app lets you customize every goal and journey for you to reach what you want. You’ll be able to take the challenges that cater to your needs, add or subtract anything from your journey, and many more. 

Other People’s Stories

The app has room for you (or other users) to share your stories and how the app helps you. You can learn a thing or two from similar experiences and know that you’re not alone in this!

Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are recorded motivational messages that you’ll get once in the morning, the afternoon, and the evening. It’s a positive reassurance to motivate you throughout the day. 

Is the Fabulous app free if you want this feature? Unfortunately, you’ll only unlock this feature if you pay for the subscription.

What People Don’t Like As Much

Limited Option for Scheduling

There are some goals that you can only set for a certain repetition. So, for example, if you want to change some of the daily routines into something you only do two-three times per week, you might not be able to do that.


The app frequently reminds you to gift a free trial to your friends. For some people, this feature is annoying.

Subscription Auto-Charge

If you haven’t decided yet about the subscription, you need to remember to cancel your subscription before the free trial runs out. If not, the app will immediately charge you the annual fee.

Bottom Line

Is the Fabulous app worth the price? Yes, if you truly want to work towards healthy habits. To change your habits, even if they’re a simple task in the app, needs your effort. If you’re not willing to change for the better, the app will feel like a waste. 

When will you start, if not now? Try the Fabulous app yourself and feel your life change for the better. 

FAQs About Fabulous App

What is the Fabulous app?

Fabulous is a mobile app designed to help users build healthy habits, improve productivity, and achieve their personal goals.

It offers various tools, challenges, and coaching to foster positive behavior changes and overall well-being.

What platforms is the Fabulous app available on?

The Fabulous app is available on both Android and iOS platforms, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

How does the Fabulous app work?

The Fabulous app works by guiding users through a series of interactive journeys and challenges focused on self-improvement. It uses evidence-based techniques from behavioral science to help users establish and maintain healthy habits and routines.

Is the Fabulous app effective in building healthy habits?

The effectiveness of the Fabulous app depends on individual commitment and engagement.

Many users report positive results and improved habits with consistent use of the app’s features and guidance.

Are there any costs associated with using the Fabulous app?

The Fabulous app is available for free to download and use with basic features. However, it also offers a premium subscription option, providing access to additional content and personalized coaching for a more comprehensive experience.

Can Fabulous help with stress management and mental well-being?

Yes, Fabulous includes journeys and challenges focused on stress reduction, mindfulness, and mental well-being. These resources can be valuable in promoting a healthier and more balanced mindset.

App Orbit is a website that reviews various mobile apps. We DO NOT own or operate any of the mobile apps ourselves. Any issues or support requests should be sent directly to the app developers.

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