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Figleaf App Review: Here’s How It Works (2024)

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This is my Figleaf app review

There’s been a growing interest in the last decade to preserve and protect online privacy. Ever since companies and search engines revealed that they share information with third parties for commercial reasons, many people have turned to cybersecurity apps and VPNs to prevent their data from being exposed.

I heard about the Figleaf privacy app via software reviews and recommendations from my colleagues, so I decided to try it out. There are several features that caught my eye, but many of them require the subscription service to remain active.

In this Figleaf app review, I’ll delve into what I discovered about the features and present a list of pros and cons. I’ll also share alternative applications you may want to look into if you’re looking for other functionality.

So if you’ve been wondering, “What is the Figleaf app?”, stay tuned for all the details!

Android version: download here
Pricing: Free trial, from $9.99 p/m

PC version: download here
Pricing: Free trial, from $9.99 p/m

Product Overview

I’ve seen a rise in programs to meet the increasing demand for cybersecurity over the last few years. The Figleaf app has predominantly been available for PC, but the Android version has recently appeared on the Google Play Store. The site indicates that an iOS edition will be coming soon, while third-party app stores already mention its existence despite an absence on the iPhone App Store.

While there may be some confusion on the iOS version, Figleaf appears to know what it’s doing on the internet security front. The app prevents hackers from accessing your information, while you can also surf the web without anyone tracking your activity. There’s also protection in place for anyone trying to spy on you via your webcam.

Is the Figleaf app safe? Well, your data has encryption with two keys; one on the platform’s side and the other on yours. That means that hackers who manage to infiltrate Figleaf still won’t be able to access your data. This firewall makes it exceptional at securing your devices.

When it comes to private banking and blocking trackers, there are many protocols in place to ensure no one steals your data or checks what you’re up to online. These are only a few of the handy tools you can look forward to reading about in my Figleaf app review.

Figleaf App Features Review

With the general idea of how this platform works out of the way, I’d like to give you a more detailed review of the Figleaf features. Keep in mind that you can test the app for free with the trial on your PC and phone, but you’ll need to subscribe to keep enjoying the safety tools.

Searching for Security Breaches

When you first install a security platform, you may already have some virus or malware infections, or there may be trackers already in place. Before Figleaf puts protocols in place, it searches your emails, accounts, and devices for any breaches that may already exist. Not only does it improve the performance of your PC, but it ensures that no further problems occur.

You’ll receive a report if any of your data has been exposed, giving you the power to take back control. You can change your passwords or reset your accounts if necessary. It gives you ample time to decide if you want to continue after the free trial or ask for your money back before the 30-day guarantee period is over.

Masking Emails and Online Activity

figleaf app review

Phishing is a popular form of attack for emails, but there are plenty of other malware tactics available to hackers. When you connect your accounts to the Figleaf app, it performs daily checks to see if your emails have been breached. It will also make sure that there are no virus attachments.

One factor I was impressed with for my Figleaf app review was how my online activity was masked. It means I can safely browse without third parties seeing what I’m doing so they can set up adverts for my attention. I could also complete online forms without worrying if anyone was seeing my information.

Connect Privately to Worldwide Servers 

figleaf app review

If you sign up to Figleaf Premium, you’ll have access to the VPN services. The platform hides your I.P. address so that no one can determine your location. It encrypts your data on one of several servers, making sure that hackers have no idea what you’re doing or what your passwords are.

Of course, VPNs have become popular for browsing online content unavailable in some countries. For instance, you can only watch Netflix US shows in the United States. With a VPN, you’ll gain access to a server in that country so that you can view any of the shows you wish.

Secure Payments and No Tracking

figleaf app review

Of prime concern to people that use online financial services is hackers stealing login information. It means they can access your accounts at any time and transfer your money without your knowledge. They can also change passwords so that you no longer have access to your funds.

Figleaf has security protocols in place to mask your payments and protect your information. No one will be able to see your card or account information, no matter how hard they try. It also blocks tracking so that advertising agencies can’t determine your browsing habits for their own personal gain.

Pros and Cons

My Figleaf app review wouldn’t be complete with a shortlist of the pros and cons:

Prevents malware from infecting your deviceNo free features like other well-known cybersecurity platforms
Performs a thorough scan to determine any breachesiOS version appears to be offline or unavailable
Defends your emails from hacking and phishing
Delivers safe, anonymous online browsing
Masks your payments


There are plenty of alternatives for the Figleaf app, but I’ll share a few of the top ones I’ve personally used over the last few years. 

Avast Antivirus and Secure Browser

figleaf app review

Avast has an all-in-one solution available for PC, Android, and iOS. I started using the free version, which did enough to protect my device from malware. As time went on, I began paying for specific upgrades, such as VPN, webcam protection, and tracker blocking.

There’s even a setting to increase performance on your device by removing old files and updating your drivers. It includes Avast Secure Browser, which does everything Figleaf does and more. It works on Google Chrome as a base, but has vastly better security measures in place.


figleaf app review

Many people have hailed NordVPN as one of the fastest PC online services with hundreds of servers worldwide. While I still prefer Avast, there’s no denying its ability to keep your online information safe. Perhaps you don’t need all the attachments that Avast offers, but I do like to have them all in place.

There’s no free version of NordVPN, but you can test it out for 30-days before asking for your money back. Sure, you can download the mobile app on Android and iOS without any cost, but you’ll still need to access your subscription. Some of the features you can enjoy, besides the VPN, are split tunneling, secure data, anonymous browsing, masked banking, no tracking, and more.

Cyberghost VPN

figleaf app review

Another one of my past favorite cybersecurity platforms is Cyberghost. I used it for about a year before moving to Avast Secureline VPN as part of the security package. It also boasts fast speeds and plenty of servers in several countries, with many features that are similar to Figleaf.

What I enjoyed the most about Cybersecurity was how easy it was to set up. The menu is well-organized, and you can quickly hide your identity with the click of a button. There’s a free trial period before the subscription period kicks in, and you can download it on PC, Android, and iOS.

Final Verdict of Figleaf App Review

While my Figleaf app review highlighted many of the essential features, it’s probably not as well known as the alternatives mentioned above. Still, it does deliver on its promise to keep your data secure, doing more than merely being a VPN. On the top of the list is checking for any breaches in your accounts or emails.

It would have been great if there was a real iOS version on the App Store. Also, I didn’t see any mention of the app protecting you from any bad links like some of the other platforms do. So it appears that the main concern is identity protection and fraud prevention.

It’s a safe app that is worth considering if you don’t need all the other odds and ends that programs like Avast have to offer.

You can download the Figleaf app on Android and iPhone.

App Orbit is a website that reviews various mobile apps. We DO NOT own or operate any of the mobile apps ourselves. Any issues or support requests should be sent directly to the app developers.

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