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Firefan App Review – Can You Earn Rewards for Watching Sports?

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This is my Firefan app review. 

What is the Firefan sports app? If you enjoy watching sports like NFL and even making predictions as the game progresses like me, then Firefan might be the app for you. By using the app, you can enjoy the live match with the added edge of having predictions on specific outcomes, and by winning, you’ll receive tickets that can be redeemed for gifts and other prizes.

You can get a sports betting experience without having to actually gamble and risk losing your own money. This is one of the aspects of the app that I found the most intriguing. I tend to avoid gambling, as it can be addictive, and I am way too stingy with my money. However, with this app, you can still get that experience without wagering your own cash.

In this Firefan app review, I’ll be looking at different aspects of the app. What is Firefan? How does it work? As well as a few pros and cons you may experience when using the app.

If you’re interested in testing out the app yourself, why not download the app?

Android version: download here
Pricing: Free

iOS version: download here
Pricing: Free

Product Overview

Before starting with the Firefan app review, it’s important to note that the app was released back in December 2016 by developers United League LLC. At its release, there was a tremendous amount of excitement surrounding the app. However, the excitement was short-lived as the app was released too soon and lacked enough variety of sports to keep everyone happy.

As such, in August 2019, they closed the app down for a bit to work on it. It’s still available to download and try, but this is just a skeleton version that should be expanded soon.

So, what is the Firefan app? In the app, you can choose your favorite sports and even your favorite teams. Then you can make predictions of certain aspects of the game before the live game. These can be predictions of who’ll win, what the score lines may be, and more. 

Predictions will cost you tokens, which you’ll be given for free when signing up. If you predict correctly, you can win tickets that can be redeemed for various interesting gifts and prizes in the Firefan Loyalty Rewards Redemption Center.

Looking at a few Firefan reviews, it became clear that there are many fans of the app that enjoy the prediction and league aspects. However, it was also clear that some users were struggling to redeem their tickets for rewards.

Features of the Firefan App

Now that we’ve covered a bit about my Firefan app review, let’s look at a few of the specific features that make up this app. 

fire fan app review

Wide Range of Sports Will Be Available

Currently, the app only supports predictions and league selection for NFL Football and MLS Soccer. As they’re working on the Firefan sports app, they’re adding plenty more different sports. These will include all European soccer leagues, major league baseball, National league hockey, rugby, and NCAA college football.

While it was fun to place a few predictions on these games, I look forward to the addition of more games as there can be long periods where there are no current live games to make predictions on.

Join Leagues to Make Games More Fun

To make the games more competitive and more fun, you can join leagues. Leagues compete together to earn league points and see which league comes out on top. When you make predictions together as a team, your scores all combine to determine your league score in leagues. 

You can join existing leagues or create a new one. Creating a league is easy enough to do and gives you complete control over your league. This can be great for families who spend New Year’s day watching the big game or sports bar owners who want to get more interested in the games. You can also create a league with friends from all over the world so that you can enjoy the games together.

Earning Rewards with the app

As mentioned briefly in this Firefan app review, you’ll need to spend in-game tokens to join a game and make predictions. For every prediction you make, you’ll receive a ticket. Then you’ll also win tickets for every prediction that you get correct

This works very similarly to sports betting, except that you won’t be betting your own money, but rather the tokens which you get for free.

How to Redeem Points?

Once you’ve collected a few tickets, you can redeem them at the Firefan Loyalty Rewards Redemption Center for various gifts. Gifts can include sports merchandise such as shirts and hats. You can also get game tickets and travel vouchers.


Now that I’ve covered the app features in my Firefan review, let’s look at a few of the alternatives that you can also look at.

Kroo Sports

fire fan app review

Kroo Sports is a sports gaming and rewards app that was designed to improve fan engagement. You use Kroo credits to make predictions on the outcomes of different sporting events. You can then spend your winnings in their Kroo store.

Daily Bracket

fire fan app review

Daily Bracket is one of the only Sport Pick-em apps available. You get five free picks every day, and you can win cash prizes if your choices are correct.

Daily Bracket is only available on iOS.

Pros and Cons

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of the Firefan app.

Well designedLimited amount of sports active
Easy to useSome troubles redeeming tickets
Making a prediction is easy as you simply answer a few questions before a gameThe app is still being developed, so there are a few bugs
Can join leagues
Shows all the latest sports news to keep you updated
Can choose favorite teams

Final Verdict of My Firefan App Review

If you are a sports fan, specifically NFL football, this app can provide great entertainment and another dimension to the game. 

The limited number of sports did disappoint me a bit. 

However, they’re working on adding more sports to the Firefan app.

If you want to try the app for yourself, you can download it for Android or iOS.

App Orbit is a website that reviews various mobile apps. We DO NOT own or operate any of the mobile apps ourselves. Any issues or support requests should be sent directly to the app developers.

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