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Hopper App Review: Best Flight Deals And Big Savings!

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I am always on the lookout for tools that can help me find the best deals on flights and accommodations. Recently, I came across Hopper, an app that claims to offer flight and travel deals while predicting the best times to book a trip. With its user-friendly interface and promising features, I couldn’t help but give it a try.

After downloading the app, I found it incredibly useful to have a single platform that caters to various aspects of my trips, such as flights, hotels, and car rentals. Hopper took care of the practicalities, allowing me to concentrate on designing exceptional vacation experiences.

Read on to learn more about the app, and maybe it will make your travel easier too!

Overview of Hopper App

Hopper AppiOSAndroid
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Functions and Features

As a frequent traveler, I find Hopper to be a mobile app designed to help me find affordable airfare and accommodations. One of the standout features in this app is its accurate pricing predictions, which make planning trips more cost-effective. Additionally, Hopper sends price notifications to my phone, ensuring I am aware of the best deals on flights and hotels.

Another convenient feature is the flexibility of booking options, allowing me to secure my preferred travel plan. The app’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate different deals and options for flights or accommodations.

Platforms and Compatibility

hopper app flat forms and compatibility

I appreciate that Hopper is available on both Android and iOS platforms. This compatibility with major smartphone operating systems makes the app accessible to a wide range of users. As an Android user, my experience with Hopper has been seamless and efficient.

Pricing and Deals

Hopper takes pride in helping users save money on bookings, with an average saving of around $65 per trip. This means that over time, these savings could accumulate to afford an entire hotel stay, making the app a valuable tool for budget-conscious travelers like myself. Additionally, some promotions, such as a promo code, can help new users enjoy a $25 discount on their first booking.

Ease of Use and User Experience


It is user-friendly and visually appealing. The design is clean, and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. The color-coded calendar provides a clear view of the best time to book flights and accommodations, making it simple to choose the cheapest option. Navigation through the app was smooth, with intuitive icons and straightforward menus.

Booking Process

hopper app booking process

Once I found the flight or accommodation I wanted, the app led me through the process step by step. I appreciated that the app saved my preferences and payment information, which made subsequent bookings even faster.

Additionally, the app provided useful insights and suggestions, such as alternative airports to consider for lower prices. Though the price prediction feature is helpful, it’s essential to keep in mind that it doesn’t guarantee the best possible price all the time.

Customer Support

Ways to Get Help

In my experience using the Hopper app, I found that they offer several ways for users to get help. Their main channel of support is through their in-app help center, which allows users to browse articles and find answers to common questions. Additionally, they provide email support and respond to inquiries sent to their email address.

When I faced an issue during my booking process, I reached out to Hopper’s support team on social media. They are active on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and I found that they respond quickly and effectively to customer inquiries.

Response Time

The response time was relatively fast. I received a reply within 24 hours of submitting my question. This was quite impressive for me as I have had much longer wait times with other travel services in the past. The response I received was helpful and resolved my concerns.


Hopper’s customer service to be satisfactory. Their representatives are knowledgeable and willing to assist users with any issues they encounter. They provided me with useful information and helpful tips on how to get the most out of the Hopper app’s features. While I didn’t require extensive assistance, I appreciated their attention to detail and patience in answering my questions.

Limitations and Downsides

In-App Ads and Notifications

One downside I experienced while using the Hopper app is the presence of in-app ads and notifications. While it’s understandable that the company needs to generate revenue through ads, it can sometimes be overwhelming and affect the overall user experience. Additionally, the notifications can be too frequent, which can be annoying for users who prefer a minimalistic approach to app usage.

Accuracy of Predictions

Although Hopper claims to be accurate in predicting the best times to book flights and accommodations, I’ve faced some challenges when relying solely on these predictions. There have been instances when the app’s suggested “best prices” didn’t match the actual prices I found elsewhere. This raises concerns about how dependable their predictions are. Remember that although Hopper may be a useful tool for travel planning, it’s essential to cross-verify and consider other sources to ensure you’re getting the best deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hopper trustworthy?

In my experience and based on the reviews I’ve read, Hopper is a trustworthy app for finding flights and travel deals. Users have reported successful bookings and savings on their trips. However, as with any service, it’s important to do your research and compare options before committing to a booking.

Any hidden fees in Hopper?

Hopper does not charge any hidden fees for using their service. They are upfront about any charges related to your booking, which will be clearly outlined during the booking process. However, always read the fine print and be aware of any additional costs when booking flights, hotels, or car rentals.

How does Price Freeze work?

hopper app price freeze

Hopper’s Price Freeze feature allows users to lock in the current price for a flight by paying a small deposit. If the price increases later, the user can book the flight at the locked-in price. If the price drops, Hopper will refund the difference. This feature provides peace of mind and protection against price fluctuations.

Cost of using Hopper app?

Using the Hopper app is free, and there are no direct costs for search and booking features. However, some premium features, like Price Freeze, may require a deposit or additional fees. Always be aware of any charges involved before using these features.

App Orbit is a website that reviews various mobile apps. We DO NOT own or operate any of the mobile apps ourselves. Any issues or support requests should be sent directly to the app developers.

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