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Hud App Review In 2024: Is It Worth Your Time?

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This is my HUD app review

Many people are looking for that special someone after a long, arduous year. They’re either heartbroken, lonely, or just need someone to talk to. To help close the gap, you’ll find plenty of dating apps online.

While browsing the app store, I discovered the HUD dating app for mobile devices and wondered if it was like all the others I’ve seen lately. While the premise is the same, there were some extra features I enjoyed.

In my HUD app review, I evaluate each of these features to show you what to expect. You’ll also see a list of benefits and disadvantages, and I recommend a few other apps you should try.

Is HUD a good app? Is the HUD app legit?

Join me as I answer all these questions and more!

Android version: download here
Pricing: Free basic, Premium from $29.99 p/m

IOS version: download here
Pricing: Free basic, Premium from $29.99 p/m

Product Overview

It can be easy to simply place this app in the ranks of Tinder and Bumble, but you need to look a bit closer to see how close the company’s team members are. If you look at the HUD dating site, you’ll notice how they attend group workshops and functions together. The business even offers careers for anyone that would like to join them.

The HUD dating app lets you decide what type of relationship you want to enter into. However, it requires your complete honesty. If you lie about your intentions, it will match you with the wrong people. So, correctly setting up your profile and account is essential to succeeding.

For my HUD hookup app review, I also needed to look into any possible scams. My greatest concern is that there are many accounts that do seem fake, but it could be members pretending to be someone they’re not. It’s not the first time I used a dating app where people created false accounts.

Looking at the app pages on Google Play and the App Store, I can see that the support team does do its best to remove these false accounts, but is it good enough? It’s a bit disconcerting when you need to pay just to message people that may be fake. However, I believe it’s more an issue of the people using it than the HUD dating platform itself.

HUD App Features Review

Despite the above-mentioned concerns, I decided to dive further into my HUD app review to show you which features it has to offer. From there, it’s up to you whether you’d like to test it for yourself.

No Swiping, Just Endless Scrolling

I’m sure you’re familiar with the swiping technology of other dating apps. You look at a photo, decide if you like it, and then swipe right or left. While it was trending some time back, it’s lost its appeal for me. I’d like to compare several matches to see how they stack up.

For my HUD app review, I was pleased to find the endless scrolling feature. The tech lists a few matches on a single page that you can browse through, giving you the chance to head back to someone you liked. In this way, you can compare and see which members suit your personality the most.

The Bedroom

hud app review

No, this isn’t an exclusive room where you and your match meet up for some fun. Instead, it’s a virtual space listing all your likes and dislikes for others to see. Conversely, you can also inspect their Bedrooms, where you’ll see “Yes” or “No” under each item in the list.

The Bedroom is ideal for introverts like me who aren’t ready to start chatting until they know more about the other person. You’ll even find some fetishes on the list, which can be an excellent way to see if you’re sexually compatible or if they like something that grosses you out. 


One aspect of dating apps that can be tough on some people is that they’re not all-inclusive. While anyone can use them, you can’t identify with a specific group. It makes it awkward when you meet someone from the opposite sex who’s looking for someone who’s the same gender as them.

During my jaunt for my HUD dating app review, I discovered you can list your preferences. Whether you select straight, gay, pansexual, or others, the icons will appear on your profile so it’s clear to other members. It will also help you find the right matches.


STDs/STIs can be scary for anyone who wants to engage in physical interaction with any stranger on the HUD dating platform. While I prefer not to meet up with any contacts I meet online, there are many out there who are more adventurous. It can lead to disastrous consequences if you aren’t safe, though.

To address this concern, SAFELY partnered with HUD so that members can reveal their status in terms of testing. You’ll notice a badge on their profiles indicating whether or not they’re safe. If you don’t see a badge, you may have the uncomfortable task of asking the person if they’ve been tested.

Pros and Cons

Are you still worried if HUD is a good app? Here’s my list of pros and cons:

Cross-platform account access on Android and iOSBasic free version has limited functionality
Casual dating with preference selectionYou’ll still find some fake accounts
Browse through several profiles at the same timeCan’t autofilter to exclude illicit pics
A Bedroom feature for your likes and dislikes
Includes video chats for Premium members

Alternatives to the HUD Dating App

Now that you’ve seen everything the dating platform has to offer in my HUD app review, here are a few others you can use instead.

Clover Dating

When it comes to dating apps that perform similarly to Instagram, Clover Dating is at your service. Available on Android and iOS, you can find single people in your location. There’s a live streaming mode where you can show followers what you’re up to and receive likes for it.

You can find groups and communities with the same interests as you, which may make it easier to locate that special someone. Unfortunately, it takes the social media side of the dating app too far, with a leaderboard revealing which profiles have the most followers. The ranking system can provide a negative experience for anyone who takes dating seriously.

Pure Dating

Pure Dating app

The Pure Dating app uses a new approach to mobile dating on Android and iOS. Similar to the Signal chat app, your messages will self-destruct so that no one can keep records of them. You also chat anonymously, keeping your identity a secret until you’re ready to reveal it.

When you are ready, you can arrange a meetup on the platform. It only lists members who live in your area, so it might not be useful if no one in your region has registered. If the message you receive from someone is suspicious, you’ll receive a notification that it may be a scam.

Wild: Hook Up, Meet & Dating

Wild: Hook Up, Meet & Dating

Wild: Hook Up, Meet & Dating is one of the few apps for Android and iOS that actually verifies photos and profile information so that others can trust you and vice versa. It also leans towards the naughtier side of life, letting you hook up with friends with benefits and other casual encounters. Don’t worry; you can also hunt for a long-term relationship.

The dating app has an internal search engine if you’re looking for something specific. However, it’s location-specific, so you can only use it in certain countries. It advertises free chats with matches, but you’ll need VIP access if you want to pursue anything beyond that. You can even set your profile so that only select matches can see your sexy photos.

Final Verdict of HUD App Review

On the surface, it looks like the HUD dating app has a lot to offer. You can scroll endlessly instead of swiping left or right, giving you the chance to compare profiles. I also loved the bedroom section where I could list all my fetishes and dislikes for others to see.

Of course, the HUD dating platform does appear to have fake profiles created by other members, so you still need to be careful. It would help if some of the Premium features were free. For instance, video calling would quickly determine who is being honest and which accounts are real.

It’s great that the app allows for full inclusivity so you can find matches quickly. It’s also excellent that you can see the safety badge on profiles for those of you who like to meet up for adult encounters. Still, the choice is up to you how far you want to take it.
You can download the HUd app on Android and iPhone.

App Orbit is a website that reviews various mobile apps. We DO NOT own or operate any of the mobile apps ourselves. Any issues or support requests should be sent directly to the app developers.

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