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Instacart vs. Doordash: Which food delivery app is best?

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The big question about food delivery services Instacart or Doordash is, which is better? Both are leading food delivery services, but ultimately you will decide which one suits your needs the best. We’ve compared the two, though, so you don’t have to.

Instacart, the mobile grocery app, connects with customers who need groceries delivered. The app is used to find orders then shop and deliver those items. 

Doordash is available in over 7,000 cities in the United States., Canada, and Australia. They empower local drivers (called Dashers) with opportunities to earn and work with local businesses. As a Dasher, you get to deliver with the number one rated food and drinks app.

Android version: download here
iOS version: download here

Android version: download here
iOS version: download here

Instacart and Doordash: The Food Variety

The main difference between the two businesses is what they offer. DoorDash primarily delivers food from local restaurants to your home or office, whereas Instacart specializes in grocery delivery. 

The Food Variety of Instacart

instacart vs doordash

Sourcing their food from over 150 stores, Instacart keeps customers coming with new accepted merchants added all the time. Remember to check the availability of stores in your area, as they might not all be eligible for delivery to your location. 

There’s a vast range of products catering to every budget, taste, and dietary condition regarding the food itself. Customers can filter by organic, vegan diets or gluten-free, and browse nutrition info.

The Food Variety of Doordash 

Depending on where you’re located, they also have a large and diverse list of foods, with more than 110,000 menus to choose from in the app. This gives customers a choice from pizza to noodles, fries, sushi and more ready to order. 

There is more than just junk food too, as Doordash includes plenty of healthy options like vegetarian, vegan options, and gluten-free food.

Instacart and Doordash: Delivery

These apps differ in how they work; Doordash orders are less complex than Instacart orders.

Instacart Shopper app 

When you open the app and arrive at the shop, you tap on “start shopping” to begin. Whether you do it manually or prefer to scan product barcodes, you can also add the weight of fresh produce. 

The grocery delivery orders are displayed as available “batches”, and you will find the following under batch displays:

  • Customers items ordered
  • The store ordered from
  • Delivery distance
  • Drivers estimated earnings, which includes Instacart pay and a potential tip.

Doordash Shopper app 

The Doordash app is more straightforward as the driver only picks up food and does not shop for the groceries from app orders. Orders pop up, making it easy to navigate:

  • Items customers ordered
  • Restaurant and the pick-up location
  • Delivery distance
  • The drop off time limit
  • Driver pay, but it doesn’t include a potential tip

Instacart deliveries take longer than DoorDash deliveries; however, both apps let you contact the customer or customer support if you have issues and are simple to use after some practice.

Instacart and Doordash for Drivers

Working as a driver for a food delivery service is a flexible way to make money, but it’s essential to understand the requirements of the Instacart or Doordash service you choose.

As you navigate this gig economy, consider the importance of building an emergency fund. Unforeseen vehicle repairs or a decrease in order volume can impact your earnings.

Instacart Shopper 

  • A valid driver’s license and car insurance.
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds
  • Consistent access to a vehicle
  • A newer smartphone – Android 5.0 or newer or iPhone 6 or newer
  • Be 18+ years of age
  • Be eligible to work inside the United States.
  • Have a clean driving record with more than two years experience of driving

Doordash Dasher 

  • Having a functional car, bike, or scooter
  • A smartphone (iPhone 6 or newer or Android 5.0)
  • One year experience of driving with driver’s license 
  • Have a valid insurance policy in your name
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Your social security information for a background check

For the Instacart or Doordash sign up process, you need your name, email, and vehicle type. Then you upload a photo of your registration, license, and insurance. You do need to consent to them doing a background check. 

Once the review has been done, you will receive an activation kit. Although background checks vary by state, any major driving violation within the last seven years and a criminal record make you ineligible to work for Instacart or Doordash.

Instacart or Doordash: Brand Image


instacart vs doordash

This  growing brand’s current estimated value is over $1 billion, with much potential to grow. It has come to light that they recently connected to Chipotle for an impactful partnership deal.

Their app rating is good despite some delivery driver complaints. They aren’t only focused on profits though, having started Project Dash which eliminates food waste through moving it from restaurants to those in need. 


instacart vs doordash

The brand’s current worth is over $7 billion. There was some negative media controversy regarding working hours when complaints from shoppers went viral online. Complaints include issues with its shoppers and an app glitch withholding discount coupons and shopping tips. This negatively impacted the brand image. 

Still, millions continue to trust and love the Instacart brand, both to get food at an exceptional value and to earn additional income.

In Conclusion

Interact or Doordash? Ultimately it isn’t easy to choose who is the best here. There is  potential in both companies, with a diverse variety of incentives and foods for customers and drivers.

Keep in mind being a Doordash Dasher means delivering hot food, which means timeliness is key. But if a ticking clock doesn’t bother you and you manage it well, you’ll have those earnings and happy customer tips roll in!

App Orbit is a website that reviews various mobile apps. We DO NOT own or operate any of the mobile apps ourselves. Any issues or support requests should be sent directly to the app developers.

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