Lucky Money App Review: How I Did (Not) Earn Rewards

This is my Lucky Money App review

Coin apps that claim to let you win real prizes are a dime a dozen these days. The worst part is that very few of them actually payout, and you’re left frustrated waiting for support to contact you. 

I’ve come across some of these games in my time, and there are just a few that I’d actually recommend. I have a better chance of mining a full Ethereum block on my slow laptop than earning real rewards on these games. 

In this Lucky Money app review, I’ll look at what this mobile game has to offer in terms of features, whether it’s worth installing, the pros and cons, and a few alternatives with similar functionality.

So hop on board as we get this critical review of the Lucky Money app underway!

Android version: download here
Pricing: Free

iOS version: Not available
Pricing: N/A

Product Overview

Shape Keeper Ltd is the owner of the Lucky Money app, the same people that brought you Lucky Pusher. Both these prize games are only available for Android. Since Google Play Store isn’t fond of gambling, you don’t have to worry about spending real cash.

It does promise to give you some cash prizes if you manage to earn enough. There are several ways you can play. You can collect coins by tapping, scratching some cards, and spinning a wheel. While you can use some of your winnings in the game, it lets you receive financial rewards for platforms like PayPal and Amazon.

Of course, that’s what it would like you to believe. As with most games like this, you’ll spend months trying to reach that threshold. As you get closer, it seems to be more challenging to reach. It appears many players have been waiting forever to receive their PayPal vouchers.

Still, it’s worth noting that the developers are quick to respond to these concerns. Whether they’re actually addressing them is another issue.

Lucky Money App Features Review

With these concerns out of the way, let me spend some time in my Lucky Money app review going through some of the features. I found some of these exciting without worrying about if I was going to win some real cash.

Games and Modes

Games and Modes

There are several game modes you can spend your coins on in the Lucky Money app. If you manage to drain your coin account, it will refill after the timer runs down. In this way, you’ll always have more chances to win rewards.

You can enter the daily lottery for an opportunity to win the jackpot, or feel free to try your hand at the big wheel to see where your luck lies. You also have some scratch cards you can use if you’re itching for some more rewards.

Graphics and Effects

Graphics and Effects

The graphics are pretty, with shiny colors and items to excite you. All the games are laid out incredibly well, and you won’t struggle with too much happening on the screen. The mobile responsiveness also makes it easy to tap.

The arcade sounds add to the atmosphere, letting you feel like a winner when you hit that jackpot. I also enjoyed some of the animations, which are different for each mode and level.

Try Your Hand at Slots

Try Your Hand at Slots

If you want to try your hand at some old-fashioned gambling, there are slot machines to enjoy. It’s reminiscent of the classic 7s slots at the Vegas casinos. Of course, you won’t spend any real money here, but it would be good to know what the return to player is anyway.

While you won’t lose real money, I’d caution you to be careful with the addictive nature of the slots. It can be fun to play on a free mobile game, as I did for my Lucky Money app review. However, don’t let it encourage you to spend real money on slots in online casinos.



A final feature to mention is the leaderboard. You’ll see how other players are faring at their winnings and where you are on that list. I’m always skeptical when it comes to these, as I’m never sure if those are real people or not. 

Be that as it may, it’s a good way to see how you compare to others.

Pros and Cons

To end my review of the Lucky Money app, I’d like to show you some pros and cons. I’ve based it on my own experience with the game, but it should give you an idea of what it’s like.

Highly entertaining The game can become addictive
Developers respond to customer complaintsCashouts feel impossible to attain
Stunning graphics and effectsVouchers don’t appear to reach players’ account
Several game modes


Before you leave, I promised to show you some alternative games you can try similar to the Lucky Money app

Lucky Pusher

Lucky Pusher

Made by the same company, Lucky Pusher is a coin dozer game where you drop a coin into a slot and watch as it moves other objects off the board. It may take some time to do so, unless you receive a massive coin that bulldozes several items for a large win. 

You can download Lucky Pusher on Android.

Lucky Day

Lucky Day has more in common with the Lucky Money app than Lucky Pusher. Besides the obvious title similarities, you have the same modes in play. For instance, you can scratch some cards and play the daily lottery. You’ll also be wondering if it actually cashes out.

You can download Lucky Day on Android.

Final Verdict of My Lucky Money App Review

As my final say for my Lucky Money app review, I will admit that it was entertaining. It was exciting to see if I was going to win anything, so I tried all of the modes to see where I had the best chance.

I enjoyed the spinning wheel more than the daily lottery, but the slots aren’t too bad. The scratch cards are a bit dull for my taste.

Keep in mind that I only recommend this game for its entertainment value. Don’t hold your hopes up that they will pay out the vouchers.

You can download the Lucky Money App on Android.

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