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Paceline App Review: Is It Really Helpful?

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This is my Paceline App review

Exercising and keeping fit are essential for longevity and proper health care. Even more significant is being able to monitor how well you’re doing and maintaining your goals.

I bought a Fitbit watch last year before switching to a Series 6 Apple Watch. As much I loved the technology on this device, I needed an application to help me assess my performance. Enter the Paceline app.

In my Paceline app review, I’ll show you the exciting features I found and which devices you can connect to. I’ll also reveal some benefits and downfalls I discovered. Finally, you’ll find some alternative fitness programs you can also install.

Let’s run right into this review so you can see whether or not you should download the app!

Android version: Not available
Pricing: N/A

iOS version: download here
Pricing: Free

Product Overview

Tam (Squared) developed the Paceline app for fitness freaks like myself who want to keep watch on my training goals. The more you use it and progress, the more features it unlocks. It’s an incredible way to keep you motivated. 

Another excellent incentive to exercise is the rewards programs. Not only can you earn points, but you can donate gifts to charities and people that need them. So, not only will you feel great physically, but also fulfilled spiritually.

It’s important to note in my Paceline app review that it’s only available for iOS devices. There’s a Paceline app on Android, but it doesn’t deal with fitness. Instead, it lets you raise funds for different charities that have nothing to do with connecting to watches or earning training rewards.

It makes sense that it’s only available on iPhones when you consider that it’s designed for Apple Watches. You can also connect it to Garmin and Fitbit trackers, while the developer promises to add more devices soon.

Paceline App Features Review

Welcome to the heart of my Paceline app review! I’m going to go into detail about the different features, highlighting some aspects you should be aware of. These are short takeaways from my experience.

Connect to Your Fitness Watch

Connect to Your Fitness Watch

The primary goal of the Paceline app is to integrate with your fitness watch. At the moment, it can connect to Apple, Garmin, and Fitbit devices. Once synced, your wearable will share all your training information with the application so you can view it later.

I didn’t have any trouble linking my Series 6 watch to Paceline. I enjoyed that I could win training streaks if I managed to keep up with the program. The first objective is hitting 150 minutes per week to start earning rewards.

Tracking Activities

Tracking Activities

For the app to be effective, it needs to track your workouts. You’ll notice that there’s a weekly board that shows your daily training, split into different activities. Even if you’re into weightlifting, it’ll record times for that too, which is something I’ve been looking for.

While I enjoy the small activity icons and logos, it’s the weekly summaries that have me all excited. It reveals how well I’m doing or if I need any improvement in some areas. 

Reaching Goals

Reaching Goals

The main incentive is reaching your weekly goals. It’s more than feeling good about yourself mentally and physically. You’ll receive some rewards if you manage to achieve them, which differs according to your targets.

For instance, you can receive an Amazon voucher or donation to a charity if you hit a specific number of weekly streaks. The only downfall is that this counter resets if you stop hitting the goals. 

Linking Your Bank Card

Linking Your Bank Card

According to the developer, it needs you to link your debit or credit card to the application so that they can tailor the benefits you receive. I haven’t done so personally, as I prefer not to give such details to any app.

However, I checked out customer reviews for the Paceline app, and there are only a few who showed some concern about linking their cards. When one customer mentioned an issue with the card connected, the developer seemed to address it immediately.

Pros and Cons

Does my Paceline app review reflect an overall positive or negative opinion? I’ll share my thoughts with a quick pros and cons list.

Connects with various fitness wearablesNew, updated rewards aren’t as exciting as past ones
Tracks your daily activities
Provides you with progressive weekly goals
Incentivizes you with realistic rewards
Positive reinforcement for your fitness targets


There are some other mobile applications that perform similar functions as Paceline. While they have different functionality, they also track your fitness so that you can stick to your targets.

Challenges – Compete, Get Fit

Challenges - Compete, Get Fit

The Challenges fitness app makes training fun by making it a community task. You can create or join events, where everyone’s points are connected to see who’s performing the best. Of course, it means everyone in the group needs to own and use their Apple Watches.

You can download Challenges – Compete, Get Fit on iOS.



If you’re a fan of gambling on your own success, you should try StepBet. After you join an event, you’ll need to pay for entry. The funds pool together towards a jackpot, which the winner receives at the end. Should you want to steer clear of this betting aspect, you can set your weekly goals without becoming involved with events.

You can download StepBet on Android and iOS.

Final Verdict of Paceline App Review

Becoming fitter is a massive goal for me this year, and buying a new training watch was only the first step. As you can see from my Paceline app review, I enjoy working hard to meet those weekly goals. If I receive a prize at the end, it’s a bonus.

There’s also a sense of progression. Even with feeling the difference in my body, it’s fantastic seeing the results on the screen. It gives me a sense of achievement, and my buddies and I can compare results.

If you have an Apple, Garmin, or Fitbit wearable, I recommend you give it a try.

You can download Paceline App on iPhone.

App Orbit is a website that reviews various mobile apps. We DO NOT own or operate any of the mobile apps ourselves. Any issues or support requests should be sent directly to the app developers.

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