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PageFly App Review: Is It The Best Shopify Page-Builder? 

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Shopify is a great platform to develop your online store, but it does not allow you to personalize it. So, where do you get the flexibility to create custom page designs, store pages, or landing pages? That is where apps like PageFly come into action. 

PageFly is a page-builder app by Shopify that helps users create customized pages with its innovative drag-and-drop builder feature. PageFly Shopify might be the only tool between your current and dream web page! 

This PageFly review covers all you need to know about the app’s features, functioning, pricing, and pros and cons to help you decide if it’s the right page builder app for you. 

PageFly App Features At A Glance 

  • Exceptional customer support 
  • Easy to use 
  • Design and customization 
  • Multiple section and layout elements 
  • Analytics and tracking

What is PageFly? 

PageFly by Shopify is an innovative drag-and-drop software package that helps enhance customer experience by creating and optimizing Shopify stores, while increasing sales figures and conversion rates. 

PageFly can create different kinds of pages, including landing pages, home pages, and product pages. Users can choose between several PageFly templates to save time. 

Widely known as the best Shopify page builder, this app grants access to more than 50 different elements, including testimonials, countdown timers, and parallax scrolling, all to attain boosted conversions. These elements work seamlessly with all themes. 

All PageFly pages are optimized for mobile phones and allow you to switch to mobile view. Users can reduce their loading time by accessing the lazy loading feature, which augments user-friendliness. Additionally, the pages not created with this app can be converted to PageFly without any cost. 

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PageFly App Review

Let us delve into the features offered by PageFly to gauge its effectiveness and functionality. 

Easy To Use 

PageFly users can easily access the app’s flexible page editor and customize or build pages through its drag-and-drop function. The resulting pages are completely responsive on desktops, mobile, tablets, and other devices, offering a glitch-free shopping experience. 

Users can also undo or redo their page designs, save their sections or templates for future use, and activate autosave for convenient changes. The app also offers a version history tab to help users return to their original page. 

Another interesting aspect of this domain is the ease of navigation during editing. The breadcrumb-enabled interface makes moving at any point very easy while ensuring that all modifications are made to publish the final pages. 

PageFly’s seamless editor makes personalization a piece of cake for all user types and makes the daunting page-building process easier. 

Convenient Customization and Design 

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Onboarded users get redirected to PageFly’s dashboard, where they can access all the pages they intend to create for their Shopify store on their left. PageFly allows building the following kinds of pages

  • Regular Pages: enables users to develop many pages, including sales, landing, promotion, about us, contact, testimonial, and others. 
  • Product Pages: allows users to present their products elegantly and attractively. 
  • Home Pages: helps users design homepages with gripping content optimized for all kinds of devices. 
  • Blog Post Pages: allows users to display their blog posts in an invigorating manner that depicts their brand personality. 
  • Collection Pages: helps users develop an innovative design to add to their present collection page. 
  • Password Pages: helps users design eye-catching password pages that seamlessly add password protection to their online stores. 
  • About Pages: guides users on how to introduce themselves and their business to the world professionally while instilling feelings of trust and recognition in their customers 
  • Contact Pages: helps users embed a contact form and Google Maps location so their customers do not have difficulty finding them. 
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Users can either build all these Shopify custom pages from scratch or get help from the long list of PageFly templates. They can also tailor the templates and design elements according to their taste using the styling and general tab on their screen’s right side. 

The process as a whole is as easy as it can get since every element is customizable and hands over the controlling reins to the user, all to enhance the browsing experience for customers. 

Variety of Sections and Layouts

PageFly is known as the best Shopify builder app because of its ease of use, and that is because of the various layout elements and sections it provides. Here are the kinds of elements PageFly brings to the table: 

Standard Elements 

Through this, users can add tabs, layouts, social elements and rich media, headings and paragraphs, QR codes, and even advanced features like Google Maps, Mailchimp forms, timers, and others. 

Third-Party Elements 

This covers all third-party elements from various categories, including badges, reviews, subscriptions, up-selling, order tracking, and more. 

Shopify Elements 

This includes all the elements that require a user’s Shopify store data, including blog posts, product elements, building custom forms, collections, and others.


This domain includes a user’s saved sections and allows them to add various page sections to their content display. Thus, it brings forth a robust package containing everything necessary to build, customize, and design web pages. 

Analytics and Tracking 

PageFly initially did not support in-built analytics but removed this setback in its upgrade to version 2.9. This update automatically enables analytics and tracking for all pages and uses cookies to collect necessary data to gauge a page’s performance. These data and analytics help chalk down a realistic picture of how personalized pages have been endeavoring to enhance the revenue of your Shopify store. 

This innovative feature offers separate metrics for all the pages created through it. For reference, a user who created a homepage can easily visualize his creation’s performance by analyzing the relevant metrics. Following are the metrics PageFly is able to track: 

  • Revenue – Covers the total revenue a page generates 
  • Product Views – Includes the visitor percentage who traveled next to the product details page
  • Add To Cart – Includes the visitor percentage who add products to their cart from the website 
  • Conversion Rate – The median number of visitors who clicked on the CTAs 
  • Visitors – Calculates the total number of visitors who visit a page 
  • Time on Page – Estimates the average time in minutes visitors spend on a page. 

These metrics make up the absolute kit necessary to gauge a page’s working when put together. Users interested in a deeper performance report of their Shopify pages can connect Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics. 

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Customer Support 

PageFly is widely known for its prompt customer support. The app supports documentation videos that effectively guide users throughout the seemingly daunting page-development process. 

It also offers 24/7 live, in-app chat where users can communicate their problems to support team members or email them. Whether they need assistance with membership, account, usage, or installation, customer support connects distressed users with solutions seamlessly. 

Customization-related requests may have a relatively longer resolution time since they involve technical tasks. If the customer support takes too long, users can always visit PageFly’s help center to seek solutions to common problems that most users face or head over to their YouTube channel to learn from their informative videos and tutorials. 

How Does PageFly Work? 

PageFly is a Shopify app that helps businesses and entrepreneurs create tailored pages for their stores, including collection pages, landing pages, product pages, etc. It also offers a wide array of PageFly templates and features that ease page development. 

Using the PageFly app is as easy as it can get. Just visit the Shopify App Store, download the PageFly app, and create a new page through the innovative PageFly editor. 

You can go through the app’s many functional templates or build your page from scratch. Even if you use a template, you are free to play around with your visuals, images, and content to tailor them according to your requirements. The PageFly editor can also help you tailor the feel and look of your page to bring your dream to life. 

Once you are over the creative part and are satisfied with how your page looks, you can publish it to your Shopify store. Shopify’s easy user interface supports easy publishing directly to your store. 

You can also export your pages as HTML files and publish them by hand. Overall, the PageFly app is an excellent fit for businesses looking for tools to customize their Shopify store pages to attract more customers and increase revenue. 

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PageFly Pricing 

PageFly pricing plans are versatile and tailored to meet the requirements of all users. You can choose the right plan for your store by understanding what you need PageFly to do for you. 

The free plan allows users to create one page in all the available page types, granting time-limited access to all templates and page elements. Other PageFly price options are as follows: 

Pay As You Go Plan 

This plan starts at a monthly rate of $24 and offers up to 10 publishable options. Users can get unlimited blog post pages for $49. 

Enterprise Plan 

The Enterprise plan costs $199 a month and offers unlimited page access to all categories with priority customer support. 

The Pay As You Go plan is suitable for those who want to use PageFly to only  create landing pages. The Enterprise plan, in contrast, is a great fit for users looking to create entire store pages. 

Pros and Cons of the PageFly App 

Let us look at the potential pros and cons of the app based on PageFly’s reviews. 


  • A vast array of multiple kinds of layout elements and sections 
  • Easily customizable platform 
  • Free plan 
  • Highly appreciable customer support
  • Wide collection of highly optimized and functional templates


  • Limited tracking sessions offered 
  • Lack of advanced optimization options 

Comparing PageFly to Other Related Applications 

Feature PageFly Shogun Zipify Pages GemPages 
Drag and Drop Interface Available Available Available Available 
Integration with Shopify Available Available Available Available 
Popup Builder Available Available Not Available Available 
A/B Testing Available Available Not Available Available 
Customizable Templates Available Available Available Available 
Pricing Starting at $19/monthStarting at $39/monthStarting at $67/monthStarting at $15/month

Summing Up: Should You Opt for the PageFly App? 

This Shopify page-builder app is one of the most effective tools you can use to bring a new texture and flavor to your bland Shopify store pages. It is easy to traverse for anyone looking to tailor their entire store design or make changes to their landing pages. 

With a wide range of attractive templates, a user-friendly page editor, and a long list of page elements, the PageFly app has stolen the spotlight from its competitors. So if you are a creative mind who likes to have fun with different page types that can augment user experience, PageFly is a good choice to boost your store conversion rates. 

Lastly, the free version can help you get a taste of what the app offers, easing your choice of whether to commit to PageFly or continue your search for good page-developing tools. 

App Orbit is a website that reviews various mobile apps. We DO NOT own or operate any of the mobile apps ourselves. Any issues or support requests should be sent directly to the app developers.

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