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Peanut App Review: Tried and Tested By A Mum

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In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it’s more difficult than ever for women to find genuine social connections. The importance of friendship formed the basis of the Peanut App’s creation. 

Over two million subscribers have made online connections through discussion forums, group chats, and live conversations. Read this Peanut app review to discover what makes Peanut App unique.

What Is The Peanut App?

Founded by tech entrepreneur Michelle Kennedy in 2017, the Peanut app was created to help solve problems for women in various stages of pre-conception, pregnancy, motherhood, and menopause.

Often dubbed Mom Tinder, the Peanut app is an online social networking tool that helps users find other moms at similar stages of life. 

Android version: download here

iOS version: download here

How Does Peanut App Work?

The Peanut App uses an algorithm to match up moms with similar profiles. Potential users can download the app for free via Google Play or Apple Store.

The registration process is easy. Once the app is downloaded, you need to supply your children’s gender and age. The next step involves choosing three icons that depict your personality as a mother: Hot Mess, Fashion Killer, Mom Boss, Routine Queen, Strictly Organic, Dr. Google, Crafty, Wine Time, and Bookworm are some of the options available. 

Step three involves creating a bio and uploading a few photos. The app also asks you to indicate your interests and preferences. Your profile is now complete, and the swiping can begin. 

The Peanut app will show you dozens of profiles in your geographical location. Swipe up to wave and make a possible connection, or swipe down to filter out the unwanted options.

The chat feature allows you to communicate with profiles of your choice via text messaging or video chat. Similar to Facebook, the app also gives you a personal feed that includes individual and group posts. 

The types of groups are varied and include geographic location, phases of parenthood such as TTC (trying to conceive), pregnancy, post-pregnancy, moms of toddlers, preschoolers, tweens, teens, and common interests and hobbies.  

There’s a search feature to look up specific posts, topics, and answers to parenting queries. Moms are also able to share their own stories and personal experiences to support and uplift other moms within the Peanut community. 

The audio pod feature is Peanut’s most recent addition. Peanut subscribers are given direct access to audio conversations hosted by parenting experts.

Although there is no cost to download the app, add-on features are offered at a price. The online shop link at Peanut’s official website provides subscribers access to baby products. 

But is the Peanut app safe? Yes, it has been created with secure technology. Selfies verification is used for all profiles on the platform. The website states a zero-tolerance policy for online abuse. Content filters for sensitive content are also included. 

A system of guardian badges is used as a positive incentive for subscribers to promote positive online behavior. Subscribers also have control of topic choice viewed on their personal feeds. It is a public domain, so you should always be mindful of what information is posted publicly. 

Peanut App Positives

peanut app reviews

Highly recommended by many users, the Peanut App can help to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation for moms experiencing parenthood for the first time. Many moms navigating the stressful journey of fertility issues have found much-needed guidance and support through the Peanut community. 

Older women dealing with midlife and menopause can also find a place in the Peanut App, connecting with others who are dealing with the challenges of these stages of life.

Peanut App includes geographical locations, making it easy to connect with other moms in your vicinity. The group feature helps to connect like-minded moms. It’s a cost-effective platform with a user interface that is easy to navigate. Subscribers are given the option of incognito mode for an additional layer of privacy. 

Bestowed with an Apple app award in 2021, the Peanut App for moms became a very popular platform for social connection when physical isolation became the new normal for societies across the globe.

Peanut App Pitfalls

Overall, reviews for Peanut App are generally good. The Apple app store logged over 3,000 reviews with a 4.2 out of 5 average rating. Android’s 2,000 reviews averaged at 4.0 out of 5. 

However, according to low-rated online reviews, many subscribers have indicated that members within less populated areas are limited. It appears that the effectiveness of the app’s zero-bullying policy is sorely lacking. Subscribers have complained about the premium features, e.g., $1.99 for 24 hours of the ‘wave’ notification feature. 

The app also appears to have some technical issues. Some subscribers have complained about the app crashing unexpectedly and posts mysteriously disappearing from news feeds. 

Other users have had to download the app multiple times due to the app freezing without explanation. A common complaint is the lack of effective matching. Many subscribers have made limited connections or have struggled to find like-minded mothers in their neighborhoods.


So what is Peanut App, in a nutshell?

The Peanut App has gained significant popularity as a platform to connect with like-minded mom friends throughout various stages of life’s journey. With its advanced algorithm and detailed bio feature, the app ensures precise connections with moms who share similar life stages.

Recommended by multiple globally-recognized companies such as Forbes, Vogue, Refinery29, and Business Insider, the Peanut mom app is definitely worth the download. 

App Orbit is a website that reviews various mobile apps. We DO NOT own or operate any of the mobile apps ourselves. Any issues or support requests should be sent directly to the app developers.

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