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PlantIn App Review: Best Plant Identifier On The App Store?

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PlantIn is an effective app that helps you grow your plants in the most effective way. It has guides on growing indoor plants, houseplants, and propagating nursery stock.

It also gives tips on giving your houseplants the right environment with proper light and water supply.

Let’s look at more information about this app in this PlantIn review.

Android version: download here
Pricing from: $6.99

IOS version: download here
Pricing from: $6.99

What Is the PlantIn App?

To give you an idea of this app, many people even call this the “what’s wrong with my plant app.”

With the PlantIn app, you can scan your plants and get comprehensive information on their health.

You also have access to a cure guide, which will help treat any issues with your plants.

It’s a smart way to keep track of what’s going on with your plants—whether they’re growing, flowering, or just looking good. You can also use it to help you find the best solution for any problem you’re facing.

If you’re wondering about PlantIn app, is it free, and does it work offline, then you should know that PlantIn app is free to download, but certain features are chargeable.

Also, the app does require an internet connection to be effective.

PlantIn app

Cost of the PlantIn App

PlantIn is a freemium app that helps you manage your plants.

Which means that some basic features are for free. The free features give you access to the plant database and basic information about plant case.

You can also upgrade to a premium plan with additional features (explained below). The PlantIn app price is as below:

  • Weekly premium access costs $6.99
  • Monthly premium access costs $9.99
  • Yearly premium access costs $29.99
  • The season pass costs $19.99
  • Lifetime premium access costs $49.99

Features of the PlantIn App

PlantIn is an app to scan plants.

However, there’s more to it than just scanning your plants! Let’s take a look at some of its features below:

Plant Health

The PlantIn plant health app is a great way to get detailed information about the health of your plants.

The app has been developed to monitor your plants’ health and ensure they’re growing as they should.

It can also be used by beginner gardeners who want to know when to water their plants or by those with a large garden that they want to keep track of.

Watering and Repotting

The PlantIn app has a reminder feature that reminds you when it’s time to water your plant, so you never forget again.

Plus, its dashboard lets you see how much water has been used for the plants over time – so you can ensure that none of the plants are running dry.

The reminders are personalized as per devices. You can choose which device you’re most active on and you’ll receive notifications there.

Also, if there’s any change in activity or location (such as moving into another house), those reminders will continue to persist until otherwise set by the user.

Background Plant Information

The PlantIn App also provides background information on your plants.

The app lets you track your plant’s health in real time. 

Watering Calculator

The PlantIn app is a great tool for measuring and managing your plant’s water needs.

The watering calculator allows you to easily calculate the plants watering needs, including how many gallons per week, how far apart you need to water your plants, and whether or not you should soak instead of sprinkling.

Light Meter

The Light Meter is an add-on, allowing users to manage their indoor environment using their camera.

The app identifies the species and how much light it needs. It then scans your area and lets you know the light level. You can then place the plant according to the light it needs.

Personalized Plant Care

PlantIn has a Personalized Plant Care feature that allows you to take care of your plants by giving them what they like.

The app is designed for every type of plant, from indoor to outdoor. 

PlantIn also offers a wide range of tips, tricks, and recommendations so that you can grow healthy plants at home using the best practices available.

Organize Daily Gardening Routines

PlantIn is the perfect app for anyone who loves gardening but needs a little help organizing their daily routine.

The app helps you create a daily gardening routine to track your progress and stay motivated. It also helps you keep track of what plants you have and need to buy and when they should be planted in your garden.

With PlantIn, there’s no more wondering if you’ve watered or fertilized your plants enough—you’ll always know if you’ve taken care of them!

Ask the Botanist

If you’re looking for advice from a botanist, PlantIn has a section called “Ask the Botanist.”

This section is designed to help you with your queries about plants and gardening. You can ask anything from where to rent a plant for your party to which plant would suit your needs.

You can also ask the botanist many other questions about plants, such as how long it takes a plant to grow or what the best fertilizer is for your lawn.

PlantIn app


As a whole, PlantIn is a top-notch app for plant care. The interface is simple and easy to navigate.

The tasks are clearly described, the information is well organized, thorough, and useful, and there are plenty of helpful tips.

The botanist section is also a nice touch that goes a long way since plants can be difficult to care for, and often it takes more than one brain to understand how best to care for them fully. PlantIn is an excellent app for beginners and will still be handy for those who already have some experience with plants.

App Orbit is a website that reviews various mobile apps. We DO NOT own or operate any of the mobile apps ourselves. Any issues or support requests should be sent directly to the app developers.

3 thoughts on “PlantIn App Review: Best Plant Identifier On The App Store?”

  1. Do not sign up for free trial. They will take your money same day and refuse to refund. The app is sooo generic. I put a plant picture in and got a whole list of possible problems, each with their own fix.

  2. Disappointed with this app. It did not recognize an orchid. english ivy or christmas cacti. These are common plants. Waste of my money.

  3. The app is not as advertised. It’s never given me a specific fix for any of my plants. Everything is water related. Too much or too little. I really like the water reminder though. So I paid for the lifetime access. But now I’m still getting charged the weekly subscription in addition to the lifetime fee. Of course it’s not easy to get in touch with anyone yo figure out how to stop this. Also there is a season pass that tells me about what I need to do differently as the season changes. But I need to pay another 19.99 for it?!? Thinking I need to cancel this money pit now.


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