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Privy App Review: Features, Pros and Cons, and Everything Else!

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Are you looking to design an appealing SMS or email marketing strategy to breathe new life into your store? Privy may have everything you need in store for you. This Shopify app helps users design appealing newsletters with its drag-and-drop editor, gather customer data through seamless forms, increase conversions with coupons, send customer win-back emails, and avail of several other innovative features. 

Privy’s audience targeting allows its users to share the right message with the right people at the right time through effective marketing. So is this app the right fit for you? This privy review can help you determine that. 

Privy App’s Features at a Glance 

  • Text marketing 
  • Customizable and mobile-friendly displays 
  • Automated A/B tests
  • Real-time results measurement
  • Single-use and bulk coupon code integration 
  • Robust targeting abilities 
  • Automated Privy email marketing 
  • Free shipping bar 

What is the Privy App?

Privy is a cloud-based email marketing app that allows startups and small eCommerce businesses to augment their business through effective product promotions, campaign designs, and new lead formations. The app’s innovative features help users achieve their marketing targets, including follow-up emails, product recommendations, A/B testing, coupon reminders, and text messaging. Users can undertake the following through this app:

  • Create personalized campaigns using the app’s drag-and-drop capabilities. 
  • Develop mailing lists.
  • Use popups, embedded forms, landing pages, or sign-up games to engage first-time visitors on your website. 
  • Chalk out segmented customer lists based on country, orders, cart value, and reward points.
  • Manage cart abandonment rates. 
  • Deliver offers or targeted messages to shoppers to help them make a purchase before exiting your website. 
  • Effectively run newsletter campaigns

The privy app offers integrations with a number of third-party applications, including Shopify, Slac, ZenCart, Weebly, Google Analytics, WooCommerce, Flashchat, Iterable, Attentive, and various others. 

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What Does The Privy App Offer?

This privy review delves into the app’s key features to better understand what it offers its users. Let’s get into it! 

Forms and Popups 

The privy app offers easy access to drag-and-drop builders that can help create completely personalized and professional forms and popups. These invigorating forms can, in turn, gather phone numbers, email addresses, and other important data from your website visitors. 

Privy Email Marketing Campaigns 

Users can send their subscribers targeted and personalized email campaigns through Privy Shopify. Its innovative features allow users to automate their workflows, customize templates, create and send newsletters, relay abandoned cart reminders, and do much more. 

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SMS Campaigns 

Shopify Privy also offers its users the ability to undertake specialized SMS campaigns, which is a highly effective way to communicate with subscribers who prefer text messaging over other communication platforms. 

A/B Testing 

Apart from Privy email marketing, Privy users can easily develop and run A/B tests on their campaigns and popups to ascertain the variations more effective at changing mere visitors into customers and subscribers. 

Drag and Drop Builder 

Privy reviews rate its intuitive drag-and-drop builder as the app’s best feature, making it exceptionally easy for users to create fully customizable and delightful forms and popups. Users need not possess any prior coding skills or knowledge to operate this feature. 

Targeting and Triggers 

Users can utilize Privy’s robust trigger and targeting options to ensure that the right message appears in front of the right person at just the right time. This feature includes time-based triggers, scroll triggers, exit triggers, and several more. 

E-commerce Integration 

The privy app is well-known for its ability to seamlessly integrate with various e-commerce platforms, including BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, and more. This feature assists users in accumulating target visitors and data according to their shopping behavior. 

Social Media Integrations 

Privy can integrate with widely used social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, making audience targeting across multiple channels comparatively easier. 

Customizable Templates

The privy app offers a number of templates that users can personalize as a starter for their forms and popups, helping them add to the feel and look of the website of their dreams. 

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Customer Support

Privy supports its customers through chat, email, and additional resources such as webinars and knowledge-based blogs. 

These features make Privy an effective and easy-to-traverse option for e-commerce businesses to augment sales and capture more leads through effective onsite messaging. Its innovative integrations and powerful features support businesses looking for easy ways to increase their conversions and grow their email list. 

How To Use the Privy App? 

You can download Privy from the Shopify store and access its features by connecting it to your store account. Once your account is open, you can view the campaign overview on your screen and browse through all campaigns, whether archived, active, scheduled, or drafts. 

Privy has a straightforward user interface and a layout that is easy for beginners and advanced users to traverse. This is what makes the Privy app so great; you do not need prior marketing knowledge to use the app’s features. 

With incredibly simplified features, you can launch personalized campaigns with as little as a few touches on your screen. You can also easily create an innovative newsletter sign-up campaign for your homepage by clicking the striking blue button titled New Campaign. 

One click opens up a wide array of pre-set formats that allow you to choose the particularities, including targeting and triggers. Once you select everything, click on the design button, and your design is complete! 

Users can also highlight and save their favorite designs and work on them later or simply click on the launch button to see them come to life. 

The design engine is the same for all campaign types and does not impose limits on personalization. So, you can effectively match the popup designs of your existing stores, all free of cost. All you need to do is select a campaign on your dashboard, which will reroute you to a 5-step customization process. 

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But don’t fret over the length of the process; all the steps are straightforward and come with a number of variations. Just choose the form fields you want to include in your popup and take help from various elements available to create the ultimate design for both your desktop and mobile. 

You can also save time by browsing through a library of templates and selecting the one that best suits your needs. 

Privy values its user’s efforts and continuously saves all changes so they can return to their design later. If you are a paid member, you can play around with minor details such as popup triggers, tab design, and even audience targeting. The audience targeting allows users to activate the popup at particular stages and ages of their sales funnel. 

The app offers various ways of amalgamating your active coupons with the popup to increase customer attraction. You can do so by opening the drop-down menu, choosing your coupons, and saving your changes. This feature also allows you to set up a prospect start and end date, turn on notifications to pre-schedule future launch campaigns, and even offer time-restricted deals. 

Privy’s automation option helps users sync their email lists with their campaigns. Since it integrates with 39 services, including Mailrelay, Intercom, HubSpot, Zapier, Klaviyo, and more, you can seamlessly connect to indefinite apps through Zaps. 

Privy’s A/B testing feature is worth mentioning here since it allows users to experiment with various campaign versions to determine which works best. Although its reporting feature is relatively basic, you can use it to find out which campaigns speak to the crowd and work best in driving engagement. 

Privy Pricing 

Privy’s pricing comes with great news. The app offers an indefinitely free pricing option for its users! But the free option has its shortcomings when compared to the paid version. It only allows 3,000 autoresponder emails per month and does not include audience targeting and other advanced functions. Users with the free version can install the service, land pages, and devise display campaigns only. 

So if you are ready to avail of the advanced features that the app offers, these are the pricing options you can choose from:

Plus Plan

The Plus Plan costs $50 annually, or $24 a month, and is a great choice for e-commerce stores and personal sites looking to augment their mailing lists. This pricing plan offers the standard features and some more: 

  • Redirection to selected pages after signing up 
  • Elimination of the Privy logo from campaigns 
  • Access to elaborate information on activities by each website visitor 
  • Access to a feature that allows you to hide or reveal sign-up or promotional displays on particular web pages 
  • Access to a feature that allows you to build sign-up offers, forms, and displays optimized for mobile and desktop 

Commerce Plan 

The Commerce Plan costs $79 a month, or $160 a year, by opting for the yearly economic plan. It is highly suitable for e-commerce experts looking to boost their sales and reduce cart abandonment. Users with this plan have access to the standard features, along with several others: 

  • Ability to sync contacts from third-party email providers through advanced grouping properties
  • Follow up on Shopify Plus and Shopify coupon redemptions 
  • Personalized HTML elements that engrave media into displays 
  • Ability to attain highly targeted displays by leveraging various targeting parameters 
  • Form special coupon codes synced with the Shopify store or BigCommerce 

Growth Plan 

The Growth Plan costs $299 per month and is a suitable choice for e-commerce teams endeavoring to optimize their conversion across various channels. This plan offers various standard features, along with the following: 

  • Prioritized support and strategic training from Privy experts 
  • Embedding feature with Salesforce, Bronto, Maropost, and Retention Science 
  • Sync and capitalize on multiple detected attributes from fields 
  • Easy installation for custom JavaScript, CSS, Google tracking pixels, and Facebook 
  • Effective A/B testing to evaluate the efficiency and working of your campaign

Pros and Cons of the Privy App

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The Privy app certainly comes with a list of pros and cons. Let’s take a look at them to help you make an informed decision.


  1. Automated emails covering cart-abandonment 
  2. Easy to traverse Drag and Drop editor for content creation 
  3. Free shipping bar and cross-selling campaigns that can help increase your store’s average order value 
  4. Shareable coupons for users after signing up 
  5. Embedded spin-to-win wheels, flyouts, forms, announcement bars, and banners to help enlarge your email list 
  6. Template-rich library for high-performing campaigns 
  7. Clear audience targeting for relevant onsite displays to particular site visitors
  8. Elaborate contact list with filtering options 


  1. App UI running on an external site instead of being embedded into the Shopify store
  2. Additional charges for a larger contact list 
  3. Relatively longer waiting time for in-app chat support 

Who Should Use Privy?

Privy’s hidden guns are effective engagement tools that can help boost sales and leverage augmented conversion. Its easy-to-traverse algorithm is the best fit for marketing agencies and individual marketers, but small business owners can also easily manage it. 

Therefore, small and mid-sized businesses, along with personal websites, may find Privy useful in the beginning. However, the app’s solution may not prove advanced enough to favor larger enterprises’ specialized and more extensive needs. 

Comparing Privy to Other Related Apps

Feature Privy Justuno Sleeknote OptinMonster 
Multi-channel Marketing Availability Available Available Available Not available  
Pricing Starting at $20/monthStarting at $29/monthStarting at $49/monthStarting at $9/month
Free VersionAvailable Available Not available Available 
Wheel of Fortune Popup Yes No No No 
Onsite Retargeting Possible Possible Possible Not Possible 
Multi-Step Popup Campaigns Available Available Not Available Available 
Conversion Analytics Available Available Available Available 
Customer Support Email and Chat Phone, Email, and Chat Email and Chat Email and Chat 

Summing Up 

Privy is a Shopify app that can offer you all the tools you may need to give your website a complete Barbie-worthy makeover, boosting sales and enlarging your customer circle in the process. Its easy-to-use algorithm may be an excellent support for businesses that are just starting out but are not able to accommodate the specialized requirements of larger setups. 

The app offers a free version for an indefinite period of time after signing up, so you can take a quick look through its features to see if it’s the right fit for your business! 

App Orbit is a website that reviews various mobile apps. We DO NOT own or operate any of the mobile apps ourselves. Any issues or support requests should be sent directly to the app developers.

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