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Rumble App Review: The best Youtube Alternative?

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As a popular video sharing service, Rumble has gained a lot of attention recently. It markets itself as a platform where users can publish their content and grow rapidly. 

The fact that it does not filter scientific and political content on its platform may also contribute to its growth. Additionally, users can subscribe to their favorite channels, view videos from a selection of channels, upload videos, and create OTT feeds.  

On top of this, videos uploaded by users can rank in the platform’s search results, which isn’t the case with YouTube, where some videos may be hard to find using the search option. Additionally, the video platform enables users to monetise their content and earn money outside of the standard revenue model.

Android version: download here

iOS version: download here

What Is Rumble App

rumble app review

Chris Pavlovski, the CEO, founded the video platform in 2013 due to Google’s monopoly on online video. Pavlovski launched Rumble to give smaller creators a chance to make money with the Rumble video app. With just under 30 employees, the company is based in Toronto, Canada.

What is Rumble exactly? This social media platform has made a name for itself over the past few years as a relatively unknown video platform with viral videos and cute animal clips. Over the years, Reuters and America’s Funniest Videos have partnered with the site. 

According to publicly available statistics on Rumble, there have been many creators who have made thousands of dollars from their viral videos. By hosting ads and licensing user content to its major brand partners, Rumble makes money from content.

Main Features

Rumble also includes an ‘earnings’ tab and recommended channels. Moreover, its users can also earn money by uploading videos licensed to its partners. Among these partners, you’ll find Microsoft News and Yahoo! Afterward, money earned through those videos is deposited directly into the user’s Rumble account.

A 4K video stream is supported

Up to 4K video can be played back on Rumble. With the options of 1080p, 720p, 480p, and 360p playback, you can choose the video quality you prefer.

Notifications that can be customized

For creators and viewers, Rumble offers a range of customizable email notifications and in-app notifications. You can opt to receive notifications when your video is placed on the front page, when other users comment on your videos, when your video is trending, and when other users comment on your comments if you’re using the mobile app.

Other features

  • Users can win cash every day by voting on videos and earning tickets.
  • Racism, antisemitism, infringement of copyright, and harassment are all restricted on this platform.
  • You can use Rumble for live-streaming, channel creation, video hosting, monetization, licensing, and more.
  • Rumble comes with a variety of export formats and a remote Application Programming Interface (API) that allows it to interact via communications networks and integrate it with other platforms.

Lenient Censorship Rules

Compared to YouTube and Facebook, Rumble has a much more efficient way of recommending and reviewing content. It is advertised as a platform for creators to gain exposure without being suppressed or censored.

Additionally, content moderation is more relaxed on Rumble. Videos with illegal content, such as child exploitation, and pornography, should not be uploaded. Conspiracy theories about Coronavirus and election fraud remain permitted on the streaming network.

Based on who they follow, Rumble users can view videos chronologically. An algorithm cannot filter videos containing high-risk content; they must be manually reviewed. Algorithms are mainly used when deciding which videos to make viral and which videos need human intervention to be distributed.

What Are The Methods For Monetizing Content On Rumble?

There are several ways for content creators to monetize their videos on Rumble. To earn more money, you should only make your video available on Rumble and not upload it to YouTube. 

Once your video is uploaded to Rumble, it will be distributed to mainstream media outlets as well as other sources. It’s possible for your video to be selected for the front page, increasing its exposure and earning potential.

Rumble also provides its creators with more options for monetization than YouTube. Chris Pavlovski, Rumble’s CEO, says:

“With Rumble, video content creators are given equal opportunities to express themselves freely and reach a broad audience worldwide while maximizing their earnings.”

Currently, Rumble’s monetization model is based on ad revenue split. Unlike YouTube, Rumble shares up to 60% of its ad revenue with its users.

The company offers creators the option to give up the rights to their content in exchange for a lump sum and profit-sharing through its other partners.

Also, Rumble has a simpler algorithm for recommending videos than YouTube. Unlike YouTube, Rumble shows videos solely in chronological order from creators a user follows. This allows users to choose which content to consume without being influenced.

Considering its popularity among conservatives, brands seeking to reach a right-leaning audience may benefit from using Rumble as part of their omnichannel marketing strategy.

The YouTube policy is strict, whereas Rumble’s is simple. Accordingly, Rumble’s specific requirements work, and if they are met to the fullest extent, users’ videos are more likely to be monetized. Observe similar content creators and do research on what better niches there are.

Include about 100 words of text in the video descriptions with essential keywords and create eye-catching titles.

  • Video quality should be above average.
  • Create engaging content that is very unique, interesting, and original.
  • Use highly sorted out keywords by visitors.
  • Upload more than one video every day.
  • Comment on other users’ videos, if possible

YouTube Versus Rumble

Content creators and consumers are increasingly looking for alternatives to YouTube, and Rumble is one of the names that keep coming up.

Signing up and watching or uploading videos on both platforms works the same way.

Rumble and YouTube differ in the following important ways:

YouTube has a broader reach, faster servers and better monetization. For smaller content creators and free speech, Rumble is better than anything else. Streaming and uploading on both platforms are reliable, and users can choose based on their ideologies and preferences.

Is Rumble Available For Download?

Yes! Rumble App for Android and iPhone is available in the respective stores. 

Here’s how to download Rumble

Rumble can be downloaded from the Apple App Store by iOS users. Android users can download the app from Google Play. In addition to the app, this service is also available online.


A rival to YouTube, Rumble claims that its creators should be able to express themselves freely without fear of censorship. If Google, Youtube and Facebook continue censuring content and people’s voices, Rumble will certainly continue growing.

App Orbit is a website that reviews various mobile apps. We DO NOT own or operate any of the mobile apps ourselves. Any issues or support requests should be sent directly to the app developers.

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