AppOrbit named CRN’s The 10 Hottest Cloud Computing Startup of 2018

The 10 Hottest Cloud Computing Startup of 2018

– Inclusion in this category was for AppOrbit’s new product that launch in February 2018 to critical acclaim, AppPorter.   AppPorter allows companies to leverage their existing legacy applications and it automatically analyses, containerizes, and modernizes theses application, without recoding or refactoring, into Cloud-Ready applications.  Application Modernization with AppPorter can be done within two weeks with little to no services engagement, which simplifies, streamlines, and accelerates the modernization process and accelerates enterprise digital transformation initiatives.  AppPorter is targeted at Enterprise companies looking to avoid lengthy and costly services redevelopment projects for their business-critical legacy applications, a market which has grown from over $700 million in 2016 to nearly $3 billion by 2020 (451 Research).

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