How To Transfer Contacts From Verizon Cloud To Android

Verizon Cloud is an efficient system that lets you store data online that you can easily backup and restore on another device, such as phones, PCs, and tablets. 

I’ve enjoyed using it to keep my private documents and images safe, but it’s also been helpful to store some of my more important contacts, specifically in the gaming industry. So, if anything happens to my device, I can just recover them with a few clicks.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to transfer contacts from Verizon Cloud to Android. You’ll also see some other helpful tips, as there’s so much you can do with the platform. Finally, I’ll reveal how you can share your contacts with others, which I personally found handy.

Obtain and Set Up the Verizon Cloud Mobile App

Transfer Contacts From Verizon Cloud To Android

Before you can learn how to transfer contacts from Verizon Cloud to phone on your Android device, you need to install the app from Google Play. You can also get it for iPhone, but we’ll cover that in a different guide.

While it’s free to install, you’ll have 30 days to try the cloud for free before you need to select a plan. Since you’re here to work out how to transfer contacts from Verizon Cloud to Android, I’ll assume you already have an account. 

With your details in place, all you need to do is sign into your account. When you open the app, it may ask you to grant some permissions, which I recommend you do. It lets Verizon Cloud access your device’s folders for when you want to transfer content.

Now you’ll need to sign into your account. When asked, provide the details and use the one-time pin it sends. The application will then ask what type of content you’d like to backup. With this finalized, you’ll wait up to 48 hours to see the first synchronization.

How To Transfer Contacts From Verizon Cloud To Phone with Android

There are two methods you can use when you want to transfer contacts from Verizon Cloud to your Android phone. The first is easy and involves simply syncing your content to your device.

You’ll need to head to the Contacts section on the Verizon Cloud app on your Android phone. You can sync directly from there or head to the content manager and only select contacts to sync. When you’re ready, you can transfer all the contacts at once.

If you want to be more selective, I recommend you head to your PC and open the Contact List portion on the Verizon Cloud website. You’ll be using the Export function here. Select which contacts you want to transfer, and then choose the vCard option. If you want to send it via email to your phone, you can pick CSV.

With the vCard option, you can connect your Android device to your PC. Use your phone’s storage location as the save point and complete the process. You can now open the folder on your device and save the contacts.

How to Backup Verizon Cloud Contacts to an Android Phone

how to transfer contacts from verizon cloud to phone

Backing up data works differently than a Verizon Cloud transfer to a new phone. It’s not seen as an export function but keeps the meta-information stored so you can retrieve it at a later stage. It’s essential in case someone hacks your account and steals or deletes the data.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to backup your contacts on your Android device:

  1. Open the navigation bar on the upper lefthand side
  2. Access the settings
  3. Select “What to backup”
  4. You’ll see the Contacts option among the list
  5. Tap it and make sure there’s a checkmark
  6. Head back to the main screen
  7. When the phone syncs, it will backup your contacts

Should you not feel that your data is secure, you can also use the backup function on your PC from the website. I even went as far as saving the CSV file on my laptop, which I do once a week. Call me paranoid, but you can never be too safe.

How to Update your Verizon Cloud Contacts

how to transfer contacts from verizon cloud to phone

There’s an easy way to update details after you figure out how to transfer contacts from Verizon Cloud to Android. Since you’re mainly syncing the information, you can’t simply do it on the mobile app. It creates more security this way, and it keeps your cloud account as the central info location.

With your phone in hand, head to the Verizon Cloud site. Sign in to your account from your mobile browser. If you don’t like the mobile compatibility view, you can switch to the desktop view for better navigation. 

Once you’re in, open the main menu and open Contacts. When you find the person’s details you want to change, select it and press on ‘Edit Contact.’ As soon as you’ve updated the info you can save it.

Of course, you might have changed contact information on the site already and want to update it on your phone. All you need to do is sync the Verizon Cloud app, and the details will automatically update.

How to Share Verizon Cloud Contacts on Android

I know the feeling when someone asks me for contact details, and I’ve completely forgotten them. Sometimes, you don’t want to sit and type all the info into a chat with a friend. Sure, call me lazy, but I’d rather call myself efficient.

If you only have the contact saved on Verizon Cloud, you can easily share it. Simply open the mobile app and head to “Import/Export” in the contact section. You’ll see “Share namecard via” as one of the options.

When you choose it, the app will ask you which platform you’d like to use, such as Whatsapp or Telegram. It will then send the details to the contact you select after that. If necessary, there’s also a “Select All” function.

From personal experience, I’d like to warn you to check with the contacts if they’re alright with you sending their details. It can become nasty when they don’t approve of the action or if you leak confidential information. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Restore Contacts on Android from the Cloud

how to transfer contacts from verizon cloud to android

There may come a time when you need to restore your Verizon Cloud contacts and files on your Android phone. Maybe you change some of the content or accidentally deleted it, or perhaps something happened to your phone. In some situations, the sync function doesn’t help.

To restore your contacts, open the mobile app and access the main menu. Head to the settings, and then open tools near the bottoms of the selection. You’ll see a list of content types appear on the screen.

You can tap on Contacts and any other data you would like to restore. Once done, it will ask you how far you would like to restore the information, from six months to two years. Now you can click on the red restore button and it will sync all the data from the archives.

Final Thoughts on Verizon Cloud Transfer To New Phone

While I aimed to cover how to transfer contacts from Verizon Cloud to Android, I decided to add several other related topics. None of these processes are hard to manage, and you can pull it off in seconds.

I recommend downloading the mobile app and just syncing the contacts to your phone. You can also backup the details on your other devices like I did, just to be safe.

With your contacts on your phone, you need to make sure you always keep them updated. Remember, you’re paying for the monthly account, so make full use of it.

If you have any other recommendations, please feel free to let me know. You can also leave me a comment if something in the process failed.

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