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7 Best Baby Apps: Top Picks for New Parents

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Navigating the early stages of parenting can be a challenge, but modern technology offers a helping hand. These applications are designed to simplify various aspects of childcare, from monitoring sleep patterns to organizing feeding times.

Available across Android and iPhone platforms, baby apps have become a practical smartphone utility that can support parents in managing their new responsibilities with more ease and confidence.

The top baby apps share several key qualities: user-friendly interfaces, evidence-based information, and the ability to sync across multiple devices. These features ensure that caregivers can make the most of the digital support at their fingertips. A review of the six best baby apps will consider these attributes among others to provide an overview of the most effective and popular choices currently on the market for new parents.

The Wonder Weeks

The wonder weeks
The Wonder WeeksiOSAndroid
Available?Yes, download hereYes, download here

The Wonder Weeks is a widely recognized app that guides parents through the developmental stages of their baby. It revolves around the mental development leaps and bounds that babies undergo. This app is based on the book of the same name and offers a personalized weekly calendar to track the baby’s progress and understand their developmental phases.

Key Features:

  • Calendar tracking for mental development leaps
  • Descriptions of leaps and abilities
  • Tips to help parents support their child’s growth
  • Alerts for upcoming fussy phases

The Wonder Weeks app does not directly correlate with specific advice from BabyCenter, WebMD Baby, Sprout Baby, or The Bump. However, the app complements the information provided by these resources as it offers a unique perspective on baby development specifically focused on cognitive leaps.


  • Provides insight into why a baby might be fussy at certain weeks
  • Educates parents on key developmental milestones
  • Suggests activities to stimulate the baby’s growth

Users have found this app to be particularly helpful as it enables them to prepare for and navigate the stages during which their baby may be more demanding or irritable. The knowledge gained through The Wonder Weeks can make the challenging periods of raising a newborn more manageable for parents by setting the proper expectations and providing strategies for engagement.

White Noise Baby

white noise baby
White Noise BabyiOSAndroid
Available?Yes, download hereN/A

White Noise Baby is an app specifically designed to help infants fall asleep by providing a consistent auditory backdrop. It simulates various soothing sounds that are known to calm babies, ranging from the sound of rain to the hum of a fan.

Key Features:

  • Sound Selection: A variety of white noise sounds to choose from, catering to different preferences and needs.
  • Timer: Users can set a timer for how long the sound should play, preserving device’s battery life.
  • Customizable: Sounds can be tailored in volume and combined to create a perfect sleeping environment for the baby.

App Integration

While White Noise Baby is not a baby monitor in the traditional sense, it complements various baby monitor apps as it can run in the background. For parents using Dormi or Baby Monitor 3G, which have audio features, White Noise Baby can assist in providing a consistent sound environment even while monitoring.

    Hatch Baby

    Hatch Baby
    Hatch BabyiOSAndroid
    Available?Yes, download hereYes, download here

    Hatch Baby provides a valuable tool for parents seeking a comprehensive, streamlined way to track their baby’s growth and health developments. The app offers a suite of features, with a primary focus on logging the baby’s feeding times, diaper changes, sleep patterns, and growth milestones. The design is user-friendly, aiming to reduce the stress of keeping up with the numerous aspects of newborn care.

    Key Features:

    • Sleep Tracking: Users can monitor a baby’s sleep schedule to help establish healthy sleep habits.
    • Feeding Log: Allows for easy input of breastfeeding, bottle, and solid food details.
    • Growth Tracking: It records the baby’s height, weight, and head circumference, alongside WHO percentiles.

    Compatibility: The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, ensuring a wide range of users can access its features.

    Parental Sharing: A standout aspect of Hatch Baby is the ability to share information with other caregivers. This feature makes it simpler to coordinate baby care among family members or with a nanny.


    Available?Yes, download hereYes, download here

    BabySparks is a comprehensive development app crafted to assist parents with their newborns and infants through early childhood. Unlike traditional resources such as BabyCenter or WebMD Baby, BabySparks focuses on interactive development programs.

    The app personalizes daily activities suited to a child’s developmental stage, helping young children reach their critical milestones. The activities are created by experts in the field of child development, ensuring that the guidance is both authoritative and practical for parenting needs.

    Key Features:

    • daily program with activities designed to support different areas of development through play and learning.
    • Progress tracking, allows parents to see their child’s growth over time and to share these moments with others.
    • Educational content that explains the science behind each developmental stage, stepping in as a virtual coach.

    Sound Sleeper

    sound sleeper
    Sound SleeperiOSAndroid
    Available?Yes, download hereYes, download here

    Sound Sleeper is a remarkable app designed for parents seeking assistance with their babies’ sleep routines. Available on both Android and iPhone, it offers a variety of calming sounds and lullabies that help to soothe infants into sleep. The app’s user-friendly interface ensures that even the most sleep-deprived parent can navigate its features with ease.

    Key Features:

    • Wide selection of sounds
    • Timer for automatic shutoff
    • Night light display
    • Voice activation

    The app’s commitment to aiding parents and their infants has garnered positive feedback, making Sound Sleeper a go-to choice for many families seeking quality sleep solutions.

    Baby Connect

    baby connect
    Baby ConnectiOSAndroid
    Available?Yes, download hereYes, download here

    Baby Connect is an application widely acknowledged by new parents navigating the early stages of parenthood. It offers a comprehensive approach to tracking various aspects concerning a baby’s first months and beyond.

    Key Features:

    • Feeding Log: Parents can record breastfeeding, bottle, and solid food intakes.
    • Sleep Scheduler: Tracks sleep patterns to help establish routines.
    • Growth Tracking: Monitors baby’s weight, height, and head circumference.

    Parents appreciate the app’s easy-to-use interface, contributing to its positive reviews. Moreover, it supports real-time sync across multiple devices, allowing caregivers to remain informed on the baby’s schedule and needs.

    Security is a priority for Baby Connect, implementing measures to safeguard the privacy of the family’s data. Postpartum parents often cite the peace of mind this provides, eluding concerns about their baby’s information.

    By melding a clear, organized lifestyle tool with the intricacies of parenting, Baby Connect proves to be a robust solution for birth and postpartum management.

    Sprout Baby

    Sprout baby
    Sprout BabyiOSAndroid
    Available?Yes, download hereYes, download here

    Sprout Baby is a versatile app that caters to organizing the intricate details of a baby’s daily routine. Parents find it exceptionally helpful to track feeding sessions, diaper changes, and nap times, promoting a structured day for both baby and caregiver.

    Key Features:

    • Tracking Tools: Parents can log feedings, sleep patterns, and growth milestones.
    • Health Records: Secure storage for immunization and pediatrician visits.
    • Customizable Alerts: Reminders for upcoming feedings or medication.

    It simplifies communication with babysitters and daycare providers by allowing them to update information in real time, ensuring that parents can monitor their baby’s day even when they’re apart. For families who utilize services like Sittercity, syncing schedules becomes less of a chore with the accessibility and ease of use that Sprout Baby offers.


    The six apps discussed offer a variety of interactive, educational content designed for babies at different stages of their development.

    The use of these applications should be balanced with other parenting activities. They are tools that can complement traditional parenting methods, not replace them. Parents should monitor their child’s screen time and ensure it is part of a balanced routine.

    Ultimately, the best app is one that aligns with a child’s individual needs and complements the parenting style. Careful selection and thoughtful use can make these apps a beneficial part of a baby’s learning journey.

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    App Orbit is a website that reviews various mobile apps. We DO NOT own or operate any of the mobile apps ourselves. Any issues or support requests should be sent directly to the app developers.

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