How To Add Multiple Users To The Peloton App?

Peloton recently upgraded its Terms and Conditions and informed its members with a notification on their subscribed devices about a change in the number of profiles an account owner can have.

The updated terms stipulate that Peloton All-Access membership account holders can only have 20 profiles per account. These members could previously add unlimited accounts to their profiles.

How To Add Multiple Users To The Peloton App?

Through the All-Access Membership, you can add more than one residential address and up to 20 user profiles to your account with complete access to the offered classes, features, and content on one Peloton product from each Peloton Product category. 

How to Add Multiple Users to Your Peloton App 

Wondering how to add multiple users to the Peloton app? You can easily do so on your Peloton Bike, Bike +, Row, and Tread, provided they are profiles and household members from one residential address.

As per the Bike User Criteria stipulations, individuals over 14 years of age who satisfy its regulations are eligible for Peloton Bike Classes. You can add additional users to your Peloton app through the following steps: 

Step 1:

Open the login screen on the Peloton app and click on “Add Profile.”

Step 2:

You will be able to sign in easily using your credentials if you are an existing member. If you intend to add another member who does not hold an account yet, click “Create Account.” 

Step 3:

Follow the app’s directions to make an account and add it to your list of users.

Summing Up

You can easily add multiple users on your Peloton app, provided you share the same residential address. Following the steps mentioned above can help you reach your fitness goals with your family by your side!

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