The Ultimate Reface App Review

The Ultimate Reface App Review: All You Need To Know!

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Launched in February 2020, the Reface app remains one of the most popular smartphone applications ever because of its fascinating features. The app analyses your face using artificial intelligence after you upload a picture of yourself or take a selfie.

Then, advanced machine learning applies your face to funny videos, pictures and GIFs. Users can finally fulfill their Bollywood and Hollywood fantasies and turn themselves into whichever character they like.

is reface app safe

The Reface app lets you be anyone you want, be it Dr Evil, The Rock, Emma Watson, or anybody else. However, considerable controversy has surrounded the popularity of the Reface app. The app requests a chunk of personal information from its users, thus forcing many people to question its safety. So, is the reface app safe? Does it protect its user’s information and data? This guide covers all the information you need about your favourite application. 

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What is the Reface App? 

The Reface app employs the most innovative machine learning and artificial intelligence features to swap the faces of its users with whichever character’s face they prefer. The app’s primary hype arises from its AI avatar features, which hold a significant entertainment value.

Although there are several other benefits of Artificial Intelligence, an app like Reface uses it to every user’s advantage. It allows even a non-specialist to derive entertainment from it. Not only does the app replace its user’s face with that of a famous actress or actor in a few seconds, but also propels the new appearance to perform well-known clips or scenarios. Sounds entertaining, right? Many others think so too. 

What is the Reface App? 

The Reface app quickly soared to the top of the American AppStore charts and held first place after its release. Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, Reface has effectively birthed a universal neural network capable of replacing any human face. It is trained on hundreds of millions of freely available images, making it a highly versatile tool. 

The app employs innovative AI technologies to metamorphose the features of a face into so-called face embeddings. This anonymous number set denotes the distinguishing features of an individual’s face concerning others.

It then deploys GAN frameworks to bring these features to life, resulting in high-resolution, hyper-realistic images. Additionally, every user’s picture is deleted from Google Cloud within 24 hours, so you can enjoy using the app without privacy concerns.

The Reface App at a Glance 

Works On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android 
Pricing Structure Free – offers optional in-app purchase options ranging from $2.49 to $24.99
Reviews Average rating of 4.8 and 4.1 out of 5 on Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively 
Output High quality output with 1080 resolution 
Interface Intuitive and user-friendly interface 

Reface App Review: Innovative Features of the App 

Let us take a look at some of the entertaining features of the Reface app that contribute to its popularity: 

  • The app allows users to swap their faces with movie or drama characters with AI-driven face-swap technology.
  • Users can share their high-resolution end-picture products. 
  • Users can play with gender swaps and face swaps. 
  • Users can try face swaps with new GIFs and pictures posted every day. 
  • The app allows users to send their swapped funny memes or clips through messengers or share them on social media. 

How Does the Reface App Work? 

is reface app free

Reface is one of the most entertaining, top-rated, advanced and downright bizarre face-swapping apps that employ its futuristic AI features to undertake the swaps. Reface’s AI technology has been featured in Forbes, Digital Trends, TNW, and Mashable. 

The Reface app is updated daily with a massive collection of photos, videos, pictures and GIFs, which allows users to make highly realistic and endlessly entertaining face swap GIFs and videos with just a single picture or selfie.

The app’s AI technology can seamlessly switch the user’s face with that of any pop star, actor, or character in popular movies or television clips. Reface is also one of the world’s best meme-makers in the world. Its innovative face morphing and editing technology allows users to replace their faces with hilarious memes and funny GIFs. 

Is the Reface App Safe? 

what is reface app

The Reface app is seldom brought under scrutiny because of its safety features. Because the app does what it does, it naturally has to collect substantial user data.

As per the Reface app’s Privacy Policy, it gathers biometric data from the videos and photos users upload of their faces. The app then collects “your facial geometry and recordings of your voice, including your voice print.” 

It also collects users’ email addresses, names, and other personal information when they create their app accounts. Reface claims that it uses the information “for a variety of business purposes,” which may include resolving and debugging issues, calculating users’ app engagement, marketing and advertising. The app also claims that it may employ “interest-based or personalised advertising, including cross-device tracking.” 

In July 2020, the app’s Privacy Policy stated that it would not use its users’ facial features and photos for facial recognition. However, the most recent amendment in October 2021 omits any mention of facial recognition practices.

Furthermore, the July 2020 Privacy Policy clearly stated its intentions with the user’s biometric data. The Privacy Policy also stated that it stored the information on its servers for 30 calendar days after a user’s last use of the Reface app. 

However, the most recent version claims the app may store biometric information for up to three years. Although there are no definitive reasons to doubt the app’s intentions with its users’ data, individuals who wish to safeguard their data as much as possible and avoid unnecessary sharing may not be comfortable with the features of the Reface app.

The Reface app has proven safe for its users, but if having an app scan your face and then keep the information with it for several years does not sit right with you, the Reface app may not be the right fit for you. You can use the app if it does not sound too invasive, but that is all there is to it. 

Is the Reface App Worth it? 

 is reface app safe

The Reface app is the highest-rated face-swapping application for iOS and Android, with millions of downloads and thousands of satisfied Pro-version users.

The app boasts being the most entertaining, advanced deep fake application, taking users on an exciting journey of technology, machine learning, and face swapping. The overwhelming user support in the app’s favour is a testament to its worth, as you can replace your face with whoever you want with the quick touch of a few buttons.

With the user’s creativity being the only limitation to the use of this app, Reface paves the way to endless possibilities by allowing you to metamorphose your face into that of your favourite superstar, contribute towards some of the most popular memes on the internet, or immerse yourself into the dreamy world of famous actors and actresses. 

The app’s features that contribute to its popularity include easy social media sharing, live face swaps, gender swap technology, and face changes. Reface boasts a 4.8 from 471.9K reviews on the Apple App Store (for iOS) and a 4.1 out of 5 rating from 1.67M reviews on the Google Play Store (for Android), along with more than one million combined positive reviews by Reface lovers. 

How Much Does Reface Cost? 

Although Reface can be downloaded for free, its Pro version costs over $360 a year, with a weekly rate of $6.99, making the yearly subscription the most cost-effective option. 

While the Reface Pro version usually costs $6.99 per week, users can gain a year of access for only $29.99. Moreover, the majority of the app’s features are free, allowing users to browse through the vast gallery of videos and images to transform themselves into anyone they desire.

You can recreate your pictures as often as you like and share your creations on social media platforms. So if you’re thinking, “Is the Reface app free?” The answer is yes! You can use the Reface app for free unless you want to make AI avatars, which are not free.

Free Alternatives to the Reface App 

Since Reface tops the charts in the face-swapping technology domain, finding suitable free alternatives that offer the same set of features as Reface can be challenging. However, the following apps are suitable alternatives for Reface’s AI avatar features: 

  • Lensa AI 
  • Dawn AI 
  • MyHeritage AI Time Machine 

The following apps can act as Reface alternatives for the face swap feature: 


 app like reface

Available on both iPhone and Android, Snapchat is widely known as one of the best applications for filters and minimal face swapping. 

Face Play 

Free Alternatives to the Reface App

Face Play is available on both iOS and Android. 

Face Magic 

is the reface app safe

Face Magic is also available on both iOS and Android. 

Summing Up 

The Reface app is undoubtedly one of the most popular deep fake apps that has taken the internet by storm. The app is relatively transparent about its safety policies, provided that it collects a considerable amount of personal data for its servers. 

All in all, the Reface app is safe for use, and users are typically comfortable in having the app store their facial features and personal information for as long as three years. Since the data making the users identifiable is only stored for 24 hours after editing on the app, the safety concerns are relatively limited.

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