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Uber Freight Review 2024: A Guide On Features, Pros & Cons

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This is my Uber Freight review

Shipping can be a tricky business, especially when you have cargo with massive loads. Finding carriers to transport products at the right prices can be challenging, especially when you have a large company.

That’s where the Uber Freight app comes in. I found it easy to use, and they can handle most quantities. There are some decent rates, while sometimes you might not find fixed prices for some products.

In this Uber Freight review, I’ll look at some of the most prominent features while also assessing the best competitors to look at. I’ll also present some pros and cons.

So, if you’re wondering, “What is Uber Freight?”, hop along for the ride as I review it in detail!

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Product Overview

Uber Freight Review

Uber Freight doesn’t merely connect carriers with shippers. It lets you manage every step of the process, from ordering a load to delivery. If you see a price you’re happy with, you can strike a deal without having to sit through negotiation processes.

On the other hand, you can place your fleet of trucks if you’re offering to ship products. You control the inventory information, while there’s a range of tools for listing your prices. There’s even a loadboard for users to search when they want details on OTR or local hauls.

For my Uber Freight review, I found that the interface is easy to use, and I found plenty of information on various loads. While the developer needs to work on the sorting functionality for some improvement, I enjoyed managing a few of the financial aspects, such as invoicing.

There’s some concern about some of the Uber Freight rates not being fixed for some loads. Also, communication between the carrier and shipper needs some work. Overall, it’s an excellent app if you need to haul something over a long distance.

Uber Freight App Features Review

Now that you have a better understanding of the mobile app, it’s time for me to head into the main section of my Uber Freight review. I’ll show you some of the top features you can use that may make it worth your while.

Make a Booking

uber freight rates

When you’re ready to book shipping or a carrier, you can check availability and rates 24/7 with no exceptions. You can enter loading and destination details to refine your search. You’ll also clearly see the Uber Freight rates per operator, which makes it easier to select.

If you’re a carrier, you can quickly check who has booked any of your fleet. You’ll also receive a notification so you can assess the order before accepting it. The Uber Freight app places all the relevant information on the screen for you.

Manageable Payment System

Uber Freight overview

Making a payment is a breeze I discovered for my Uber Freight review. There are various payment options you can use, which the app saves for future use. While there’s a preference for ACH payments, credit cards and checks are accepted.

Once the driver completes the proof of delivery (POD), the carrier will receive the payment within two to seven business days. It mainly depends on the payment method.

Checking for Reloads

Uber Freight Review

Reload locations are available when carriers ship multiple loads at the same time to reduce costs and mileage. Not only is it more efficient for them, but you may end up paying less for your load to be transported if you select one of these options. 

The Uber Freight app usually has several reloads available, depending on the location. Once you’ve reviewed the rates, you select it and click on “Book Load”. 

Routes and Alerts

what is uber freight

More handy features I found for my Uber Freight review are tracking and alerts. While you can check where your load is at any time, the carrier can also check for the best route. Should there be any traffic issues, the driver will receive a notification suggesting the best alternative road.

Pros and Cons

As you can see, the Uber Freight app is exceptional for transporting loads across long distances. Here are some pros and cons:


  • Easy to book transport
  • Exceptional fleet management system
  • Includes invoice management
  • Track routes
  • Traffic alerts
  • Choose competitive prices


  • Some Uber Freight rates aren’t fixed
  • Poor communication system between carrier and shipper


Before I end my Uber Freight review, I’d like to show you some other options to consider. They may not be as fantastic, but they also excel at getting the job done at a recent rate.

Uber Fleet

uber freight competitors

Uber Fleet is a companion app for companies that own several vehicles in their fleet. They can track drivers and trucks to see if deliveries are reaching locations on time. If you want to see what all the drivers are doing at a given time, you can access a live map and view them all on it. At the moment, it’s only available on Android.

Onfleet Driver

what is uber freight

As another delivery app for companies, Onfleet Driver assigns drivers tasks based on the demand. You can view the details of orders, while the payment is also reasonably simple. 

It also has a handy communication system to ensure that there are no issues or that delays are indicated to the customer on time. The drivers can capture the proof of deliveries on the system, making them easy to retrieve. It’s available on Android and the App Store for free. 

Final Verdict of Uber Freight Review

There are few Uber Freight competitors to consider, and those that do exist struggle to meet the quality of the app’s services. 

You can quickly book a shipping or carrier from any of the available options, or there are reloads for cheaper rates.

Of course, I enjoyed that I could view any of the invoices when I wanted, which makes financial management easier. You can also view when the proof of delivery was completed.

You can download Uber Freight on Android and iPhone via the app stores.

App Orbit is a website that reviews various mobile apps. We DO NOT own or operate any of the mobile apps ourselves. Any issues or support requests should be sent directly to the app developers.

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