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Thumbtack Alternatives: Here Are 9 Apps Like Thumbstack

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Thumbtack is a website and app available for iOS and Android that connects users to local services in America. In Thumbtack, you can find any services or businesses that you need for your projects, their rate, and reviews before hiring. They also provide you with information about the average cost of popular services and how-to guides if you’re only there for research. 

The rating uses a five-star scale from their verified reviews. Thumbtack also includes reviews from Google, Facebook, and offline customers the professionals met outside of Thumbtack.

In addition, you can chat with previous customers that have worked with the professionals you’re interested in hiring. You can also ask for a reference sheet to see the dates of completed jobs from the company or contractors. 

Alternatives to Thumbtack

There’s an increasing demand in the home services market. To meet that demand, you’ll find many alternatives to Thumbtack. Most of them are also mobile-friendly, providing similar apps like Thumbtack. To help you choose the best service, these are some sites similar to Thumbtack that you can use. 


Angi is one of the top Thumbtack competitors. Previously named Angie’s List, Angi has 60,000 reviews submitted annually by consumers. Before, the site only served paid subscribers, but now it has a free membership and two types of paid subscriptions

With the free Green Membership, you’ll have access to all their services, including their digital magazine. If you’re willing to increase your membership to Silver with the price of $24.99/year, you’ll receive an additional benefit of a 20% off pre-priced projects and a printed magazine sent to most areas of the United States.

In comparison, Gold Members will get all the Silver Members benefit plus their trained Complaint Resolution team to help if you have any disputes arising while working with service providers of your choice. The Gold Membership will require you to pay $99.99/year.


Besides all the reviews and many services they provide, the feature that stands out the most in HomeAdvisor is their fixed-price services.

They have several service categories with predetermined prices, including light home repairs, cleaning, and lawn maintenance. Signing up to HomeAdvisor is free, but if you choose to take the membership with a price of $19.99/year, you’ll be able to take a 20% discount for eligible services. 

HomeAdvisor also has HomeAdvisor Happiness Guarantee, which will give you compensation according to the total amount you’ve paid through them, or get the work redone if you’re not satisfied with the service. They cover damages up to $500,000 with some limitations and exclusions


Houzz leans more on home improvement and building. If you’re looking to decorate your home, then building, or designing a new house, Houzz would be an excellent go-to site. Houzz’s Pinterest-like site is also great if you only want to look for inspiration. 

They primarily offer room for designers, builders, and contractors to hook their business up with more clients. Houzz provides marketing tools to help advertise your business to make your company stand up above the rest. They also have an app like Thumbtack, available for iOS and Android.


Bloomchase provided service not only in the United States but also to Canada. The sign-up process is very straightforward. As soon as you put in the service you need, they’re going to show you the list of professionals they have. You can chat with them to discuss your needs. 

It’s free to use, and the range of services offered is extensive. You can find home improvement and pet care, life and business coaches, and many others. 


Just like the name, 1800Remodel is geared for providing remodeling projects. You can put up your remodeling projects on-site and have contractors bid for you.

You can then choose the service and professionals you need according to your budget. The companies they work with have been pre-screened. So you don’t have to worry about working with untrusted sources. 


Troolr works pretty similarly with 1800Remodel, but they provide many different services outside of home projects. You can post about what you’re looking for, including your budget, then wait for the providers to bid for you.

They have peer-to-peer reviews that you can use as a reference before deciding. From dog walkers to masseurs, you can find almost any kind of service in Troolr. 


BidWilly wasn’t built by for-profit companies like Thumbtack. They’re built on a non-profit foundation, If you’re on a budget and have no time to surf for the best contractors in your area, then you might want to give BidWilly a try.

As soon as you open BidWilly, you’ll be asked to enter your phone number. Doing so will provide access to BidWilly to refer you to the service you need. BidWilly might seem a little lacking in area coverage and resources compared to other lead sites like Thumbtack. Still, if you want to find contractors with lower prices, then BidWilly could be the answer you’re looking for. 

Amazon Home Service

You might already be familiar with Amazon and what they offer. Amazon Home Service can also be an alternative to Thumbtack. Using Amazon for home services will take the hassle of finding leads away from you.

There’s nothing complicated with using Amazon Home Service. You can do it as you’re shopping as usual. If you’re a pro that’s also looking to build your brand, then Amazon’s customers’ review might be one of the great options to start. 

Adopt a Contractor

In Adopt a Contractor, you’ll be referred to the services you need, exclusively for home projects only. From remodeling to cleaning, you can find professionals for those tasks. They also give homeowners tips about maintaining their home appliances with online reviews to check the credibility of the information. 

To use Adopt a Contractor, you can submit your project and budget. The site will then provide you with a list of trusted specialists. They also don’t require you to pay any monthly fees to use their service. 

Finding the Site That Suits You

There are a lot of services like Thumbtack that connect people with professionals they need. You might be looking for the cheapest service you can find, or you need a different kind of service and a site that can refer you to the right person. 

Each of these sites has its hits and misses. If you enjoy using Thumbtack and want to try other sites like Thumbtack, then it’s wise to do some research before making a deal to avoid losses that you can’t undo.

App Orbit is a website that reviews various mobile apps. We DO NOT own or operate any of the mobile apps ourselves. Any issues or support requests should be sent directly to the app developers.

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