Pure Dating App Review 2023: Here’s What To Expect

This is my Pure app review

There are many dating apps available for Android and iPhone today, and it’s challenging to find one that provides quality hookups. Some of them are merely scams to get your information, so it’s essential to check whether or not the Pure app will meet your needs.

I found that it’s the ideal place if you’re looking for more mature connections, where you can freely express yourself in any way you want. It depends on what you want from a dating app: romance or a friendship with benefits.

In this Pure app review, I’ll examine the primary features, highlighting the various aspects towards making new connections. I’ll cover some advantages and disadvantages before showing you some other worthy alternatives.

Let’s begin the adventure into this interesting hookup app!

Android version: download here
Pricing: From $14.99 per week for men

iOS version: download here
Pricing: From $14.99 per week for men

Product Overview

pure dating app reviews

The Pure dating app is relatively new in the world of mobile hookup platforms. While most of them are mainly to find romantic connections, this one has a mature rating due to explicit content. There’s no limit to what you can discuss, express, or share, and there are several groups that welcome misbehaving members.

In essence, the Pure hookup app lets you meet others to connect with, followed by private conversations or group chats. It uses an anonymous system to protect your identity, while no one can take screenshots of your pics or discussions. All messages will vanish after 24 hours.

There’s a specific target audience for this platform. I found plenty of Pure app stories where new users couldn’t register, as you need a Google account to do so. Of course, there’s the inherent risk that the company will receive your account information. 

Another item worth mentioning in my Pure hookup app review is the price. While the App stores list it as free, it only counts for women. Men will have to pay a subscription fee of $14.99 per week or $29.99 per month. There’s also a cost if you want to chat privately with anyone.

Pure App Features Review

Before you decide on whether or not this platform is for you, I’ll take a moment to discuss the main features in this Pure app review. It will shed better light on what it does and how you can use it.

Anonymous Registration and Advertising

Anonymous Registration and Advertising

When I started the platform on Android for my Pure app review, it asked me to register with a Google account. There were no other options, which means I would be forced to share my Google details under normal circumstances. However, my Huawei P Smart 2023 doesn’t connect to Google at all, which means there was no way for me to create an account on my phone.

Therefore, I switched to Bluestacks on my PC instead. It let me set up my account anonymously so that no other users know who I am unless I tell them. This process was followed by the app telling me to create an ad so that other members can see what I’m interested in.

You’ll need to be very specific when crafting your advert. When you sign out, your advert is disabled until you connect again. Fortunately, working out how to cancel the pure app subscription was easy, as the option is available in the settings.

Self-Destructing Conversations

Self-Destructing Conversations

One of the greatest fears with these explicit apps is that someone will use your chats or nude photos against you. I discovered that there are two systems in place to protect against this in my Pure app review. 

The first is self-destructing chats. Images and text will ‘explode’ and vanish within a set time. If you don’t indicate a specific time limit, it automatically disappears after 24 hours. 

Secondly, no one can take screenshots. No matter how hard you try, your phone won’t capture the conversation or images, helping to protect your privacy. You’ll also receive a notification of any attempts made.

Arranging Meetups

Arranging Meetups

When the chats become too steamy, you can arrange a meetup with the other person. For my Pure app review, I found that the platform uses my location to find people in my city or surrounding area. It means you won’t have issues finding someone to meet up with if you live in a large town.

Of course, you need to have people in your city using the application too. The Pure app doesn’t work for many members as there just weren’t many local users to hook up with.

Scam Notifications

Unfortunately, many people use platforms like this to lure you to their sites, where you can see explicit content for payment or to steal your information. One compliment I can offer in my Pure app review is that it gives you a notification to warn you when this happens. It recognizes these attempts and tells you not to share your details.

Pros and Cons

To wrap up my Pure hookup app review in a quick summary, here are the pros and cons.

Provides scam alertsMen have to pay a subscription fee
Encourages mature conversationsIt doesn’t work on all devices
Meet like-minded peoplePay-to-chat model
Secures you privacyResults depend on finding other members in your area
No screenshots permitted


Now that I have my Pure app review covered, it’s time to share similar platforms with you. 

Wild: Hook Up, Meet & Dating

Wild: Hook Up, Meet & Dating

Wild is another casual hookup app that lets you meet friends with benefits or help you search for a relationship. While it’s free to look for matches on Android and iPhone, you’ll need VIP access for unlimited messages to anyone you like. There’s also a search filter so you can set specific criteria. 



As another date-seeking app on Android and iOS, Happn only lets you chat with people that like you back. They’re unaware that you’ve liked their profiles until they see yours and react positively. When you meet a match, you can engage in conversation and flirting until you agree to meet up.

Final Verdict of Pure App Review

Whether or not you’ll enjoy the Pure dating app is up to personal preference. If meeting others for discreet encounters is your thing, you’ll enjoy it.

While you’ll need to pay if you’re male, it may be worth it if you live in a large city with plenty of female users.

Of all the features mentioned in my Pure app review, the best one is hiding your information until you’re ready to share it to meet up with someone.

You can download the Pure hookup app on Android and iPhone.

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