Kasual App Review: Casual Dating Made Easy

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Finding a potential partner in the past was arduous: one had to rely solely on social engagements. But the past decade has metamorphosed the dating domain by eliminating the need to leave your house to find a suitable match. 

Hundreds of online dating platforms have cropped up, some even for particular religious and sexual categories. However, not all of them are as legit as they seem. Kasual is one of the online dating apps that has recently risen in popularity.

Read on this Kasual review to find out all about it’s pricing, features, pros and cons.

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Formerly known as Yumi, this app bridges singles looking for casual hookups or flings, which may even lead to actual relationships. Kasual’s user-friendly features offer a great experience and are one of the primary reasons behind its rising popularity. 

With enhanced security and safety features, Kasual is less likely to connect you with scammers. Its dating functions look like a card game, so you can have fun while trying out luck in finding a new partner.

App StoresReviewsRating
Apple’s App Store40k+4.5/5
Google Play Store19k+4.3/5

But is Kasual legit? This Kasual app review focuses on the app’s features and workings and whether it is the right dating platform for you. 

Kasual App Review

Overview of the Kasual App 

App Name Kasual 
Available On iOS & Android
Price $19.99 to $29.99 per month 
Free Trial AvailableYes 
Downloading Cost Free 

What is the Kasual App?

Kasual is an online dating app that matches you with potential partners based on your interests, values, and geographical location, all through a fun game. All you need to do is flip a card and the app’s dating algorithm will match you with singles in your locality that you might be interested in. 

This app stands out amongst various others by connecting people without any strings attached and offering attractive features such as a robust verification process, anonymity to users, and multiple ways of contacting other members. 

How to Use the Kasual App?

Kasual is relatively straightforward and uncomplicated to use. You can easily traverse through it by using the following steps:

  1. Download the Kasual app from the iOS AppStore or Google Play free of cost. 
  2. Add your picture. Kasual does not ask you to upload your photo: you do not necessarily have to show your face. You can either blur out your face or add a picture of your pet. 
Kasual App Review

You can also use Kasual’s built-in photo editor to put random emojis on your face, blur it out, or block particular parts using other options. Kasual offers high privacy options when it comes to your personal information. 

  1. Once you’ve set up your account, start enjoying the app by flipping the cards on your screen to view other profiles that match you geographically. 
  2. Once you match with someone, you can start the conversation with an ice-breaker and carry it forward. 

That’s the whole process! Kasual does not require you to upload your name, birthday, or other similar personal information, prioritising your privacy. 

How Does the Kasual App Work?

Kasual’s specialised dating algorithm matches you with potential partners based on your compatibility. The algorithm determines your compatibility through various factors, including personality traits, geographical location, interests, and values. It also considers how active a user is on the site and how many times they log in to their account. 

Considering all these factors, Kasual’s algorithm prepares a list of potential matches for each user. The app’s dating algorithm is currently one of the best available and is continuously improved and refined. 

Kasual App Review

Pros and Cons of Using the Kasual App 

✅ Kasual Pros 

Utmost privacy 

As discussed, Kasual does not force its users to upload their private information, such as name or birth info.

Although such information would help them match user compatibility, their dating algorithm does not require this information. This feature is one of the prime reasons behind the app’s popularity, as it protects user identity. 

Zero tolerance policy on explicit content and nudity 

Kasual has a zero-tolerance policy for nudity and explicit content and holds a strong stance toward all NSFW content. This feature makes this app a safe space for users looking for meaningful connections. 

Zero tolerance policy towards solicitation, spammers, and scammers

Kasual also has a zero-tolerance policy regarding scammers and spammers, as they get banned within a few hours of suspicious activity. Similarly, any reports of escorting or prostitution immediately lead to a ban.  

Interesting games which increase the match potential 

Users get to participate in a matching game with every login, which increases the match potential by 50%. 

❌ Kasual Cons 

Frequent complaints of glitches and bugs 

Users have made several complaints about bugs and glitches in the app. This shows the app’s user experience may not be as good as they claim. 

Works based on geo-location 

Since Kasual relies entirely on your mobile GPS, you may be stuck with limited options around your locality. If your mobile has a faulty GPS, you may face certain problems with the app’s functioning. 

Reports of prostitution scams and illegal activities 

Although the dating algorithm and developers work to keep the app clean, certain allegations of pedophilic and prostitution scams have tainted Kasual’s reputation despite its zero-tolerance policy. Since the app does not have a strict age verification method, underage users can easily access it. 

Kasual App Costs

You can download and use the Kasual app for free. All free members can read the first messages in their mailbox and send other users messages. 

Kasual comes in two paid versions: Kasual Pro and Kasual Elite, with the latter offering certain additional features such as advanced filters, control of privacy and security, active status viewing options, and readable receipts. 

Kasual App Review

Compared to other dating apps, Kasual is average in terms of pricing. 

Features Kasual Pro Kasual ProKasual Elite Kasual Elite 
Duration/Coins/Credits 1 Month 3 Months 1 Month 3 Months 
Cost $19.99 per month $13.33 per month $29.99 per month $20.00 per month 
Total $19.99$39.99 $29.99 $59.99 

Users of the free version can avail of the following services:

  • Registration  
  • Profile Creation 
  • Profile Compatibility 
  • Flip Cards 
  • Chat with compatible profiles 

In comparison, Kasual users with the paid version can enjoy the following features:

  • Boost 
  • Read active status and receipts 
  • Super Flip 
  • Advanced filters 
  • View the profiles who like you 
  • Change location 
  • View unlimited matches 
  • Chat with expired members 

The app also offers a free trial to allow its free members a taste of the facilities provided in the paid version. 

Kasual Members 

The average user age on this app is 22. Although a considerable majority of the users are in their 20s, it has users belonging to a broad age spectrum: ranging from 18 to the mid-30s. Most users are recent graduates or college students, with more male users than females. 

The United States tops the charts in Kasual’s popularity, followed by Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Nonetheless, the app welcomes users from all over the globe and is available in English, German, Spanish, and French. 

Kasual App Review

Most of Kasual’s popularity comes from the high anonymity it offers, allowing users to date comfortably. It also gives users the confidence to match with potential partners without significant inconvenience. 

Kasual’s verification process separates genuine users from fake ones, proving helpful for those looking for suitable matches without providing too much information.

The innovative verification system requires users to take a selfie with a particular gesture or according to a sample image, eliminating fraudsters and fake accounts. The voice profiles and photos are not shared with third parties to offer a secure and safe user experience. 

Kasual only requires users to add their orientation, gender, ancd location. However, users can add additional information if they hit it off with someone. Users can also report fraudulent activities or any other inappropriate instances that they experience.

The Kasual app is also quite popular because of its innovative matching features, some of which are as follows:

Flip Cards 

Flip cards are essentially an innovative way of making profile suggestions. Free members can choose only one card in each flipping round and start chatting if they match with the user of their choice. Paid members have greater flexibility in this regard. 

Super Flip 

Users can use the super flip for added luck, as it allows them a chance to select one or more extra cards during the same flipping round. 


Boost highlights a user’s profile, making it visible to other app members. However, only premium membership owners can avail of this facility. 

How to Delete Your Kasual Account

Uninstalling the app does not automatically delete your account on Kasual or cancel your subscription. You can cancel your subscription by managing your app store subscription. The app also offers an option if you wish to delete your account. 

Your Kasual subscription will automatically get renewed, but you can opt out of the renewal during the one-day notice period. Kasual does not offer a complete money-back guarantee, as the total amount is deducted depending on the credits or time you use the app. If you do not use the app for a while, your credits will store up instead of expiring. 

The Bottom Line 

This Kasual app review shows that Kasual is a decent hookup app for those who do not wish to unveil their personal information but wish to avail of a secure, safe, and reliable dating platform. 

While users can connect and chat with potential partners without hassle, certain pedophilic and prostitution allegations bring Kasual’s legitimacy into question. Nonetheless, Kasual is rising in popularity, with more and more people using it positively and finding potential matches with no strings attached.

App Orbit is a website that reviews various mobile apps. We DO NOT own or operate any of the mobile apps ourselves. Any issues or support requests should be sent directly to the app developers.

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