Bring applications to market faster, with higher quality, by
eliminating environment recreation across virtually any application,
any data, and any micro-services in any cloud.

Decrease time to value by 40%

Convert your applications, data, and services into portable packages that can be cloned, moved, managed and scaled separately.




The Lab Manager for modern applications. Quickly snapshot, replicate, and deploy complete application service environments across virtually any cloud in minutes. Restrict access to critical applications, services and data based on policy.  Put your DevOps on hyper-drive!



Go to Market Fast.

Respond to market changes swiftly. Develop, test, validate, and deploy applications across any cloud quickly. Drive down cost by 40% or more and reduce cycle times for new features and services to your customers to keep your competitive edge.


Design app services in
Minutes. Not Days.

Rapidly provision efficient clones of your application stacks and databases to run across distributed data platforms – On-premise, cloud or hybrid environments. Reduce time required to compose and deploy applications and their environments so your development teams can focus on value adding features with quality improving your customer experience.

Cut Infrastructure Costs
By upto 90 %

Create, deploy and capture any conceivable system config in seconds. Administrators can design & deploy applications in accurately simulated production environments without waiting for infrastructure and database admins, and full security and usage controls. With Self Service, make your teams more productive while cutting costs by upto 90%.


Increase Productivity,
Quality and Efficiency with
Team Collaboration

Allow multi-faceted team members to execute in swim lanes. Design. Scale. Test. Provision. Share. All in parallel. All together – in concert with business goals.

Reduce Risks and Costs
of Cloud Compliance

appOrbit’s modular design makes interchanging the test data set with production a snap. Ensure that the protected data is restricted with our role based administration, flexible design and location-based execution. appOrbit virtually eliminates the complexity in compliance for Dev and Test.


Streamline the Application Development Lifecycle Process


Increase Dev Cycle Efficiency

Test and optimize entire app stacks in isolated, self-service environments

Achieve Seamless Ops Handoffs

Design applications’ availability, scalability, performance & upgrade with automated control on service dependencies.


Improve Governance

Complete role & policy based control on application lifecycle management workflows.

Enjoy Platform Agnostic Flexibility

Run it from anywhere. Deploy on any cloud or infrastructure platform to enjoy best price-performance gains. Migrate at will to a destination cloud of your choice. Freedom!




appOrbit was founded to help companies address three trends in today’s business environment:

Agility in delivering applications is becoming essential to business success and achieving this agility requires optimizing engineering time and capital in development for both legacy and new applications.

Application architectures are becoming increasingly distributed with the growing use of micro-services and open source technology.

Infrastructure is becoming increasingly hybrid and more complex with growing requirements for performance, capacity, security and locality.

A new way of managing these applications and their underlying infrastructures is needed. Enter appOrbit’s Application Service  Containerization platform. This platform enables IT to quickly compose new applications and update key application, data, and  infrastructure elements to meet the agility demands of the business across legacy, virtual, and new container-based applications.


“The appOrbit Service Containerization platform automates mundane tasks for setting up Dev and Test environments saving ourselves and our customers time and money. As an innovative data and service provider it is essential that our technology vendors and partners – get it.”
– Patrick Lynch, CEO of Texuna.

  • team-1
  • Patrick Lynch,
    CEO- Texuna

“appOrbit takes the complexity out of DevOps by making apps portable, extensible, and easy to move across clouds.  We are able to snapshot the full stack quickly and maintain multi container consistency with policy based availability and security controls saving time and money.”
– Jim Palmeri, CEO of Agitare Technologies.


“We can get an average customer deployed either on premise or SaaS in less than 72 hours with appOrbit to meet SLAs for our customers.”
– Rich Rice, Director of Security Operations at WaveStrong, Inc.


“appOrbit gives us an automated way of setting up our customers dev & test environments, loading data and deploying whatever cloud they want saving them time and money.”
– Chris Kirschke, CEO of Augusta Cloud.


“Leadcomm is excited to be a part of the Application Service Containerization solution appOrbit provides. The ability to assemble and disassemble the complex components of next generation applications will enable our customers to reduce costs, time, and risks.”
– Cesar de Afonseca, CEO of Leadcomm.

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  • Cesar de Afonseca,
    CEO- Leadcomm
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